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The images displayed in this profile have all been photographed underwater to show a selection of my Global Eye Portfolio and is a fair representation of my key subjects covering underwater editorial photography. The images have all been photographed using the superb Nikonos Camera System coupled with the equally-brilliant Kodak reversal film, namely- Ektachrome Professional film and to a lesser extent Kodachrome, Fuji Super G Press film for indoor low-light shooting also consumer Elitechrome.

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1. Divers and Warship.. Members of the local West Australian dive community preparing to dive on the decommissioned Royal Australian Navy (RAN) warship. The retired warship will be scuttled to provide an artificial reef for marine life and a great dive adventure for local and international divers.

2. Fan Coral and Divers.. The West Coast of Australia offers divers some of the best dive sites in the world. Superb fan corals thrive in the remote pristine ocean conditions of the Rowley Shoals off Broome in the north-west of Western Australia. The live-aboard dive boats that operate to the Shoals from late October to late December offer well-appointed cabins, fine dining and endless amazing dive sites.

3. Fan Coral and Diver.. Papua New Guinea (PNG) offers some of the best diving in the world. This intricate fan coral is typical of the dive sites in the Kimbe Bay area and is frequented by locally-operated live-aboard dive boats. The PNG dive operators routinely provide week-long dive expeditions for international divers with their craft having luxurious cabins, excellent meals prepared by local native chefs and experienced dive masters who know the location of the scenery divers want to see in PNG.

4. Cow Fish, with Diver.. Many sea creatures are curious about scuba divers and are not threatened when they are approached at close quarters by careful divers with cameras. This Cow Fish commonly found in Australian oceans rested comfortably in a diver's glove and showed remarkable design and detail of a small ocean-dweller.

5. HUET Trainee Hits the Water.. Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) is designed to enable off-shore workers to survive an over-water helicopter ditching or uncontrolled crash. The comprehensive training also teaches oil-platform workers how to jump from the platform into the surrounding ocean and survive a leap of up to 6 metres. The image shows a HUET trainee wearing tennis sneakers and orange overalls leaping from a 6 metre-high plunge platform into the purpose-made training facility indoor pool.

6. Australian Sea-lion at Play.. The Australian Sealion communities inhabit a number of islands off the West Australian coastline where they breed and rest on sunlit sandy beaches and sheltered inlets. A number of these islands are accessible to tourists in the Perth WA area and the friendly sealions tolerate divers approaching at close quarters to investigate and photograph small family groups. The sea-lions appear to enjoy the attention of divers and will happily strike a pose in order to promote the new friendship.

7. SCUBA Diver with Video Camera.. Fijian divemaster Joeli is responsible to one of the Fijian resorts for filming the popular and exciting shark-feed dives that take place on a regular basis for international divers and underwater photographers. These well-conducted shark feed dives attract wild sharks of many varieties including, Bull, Lemon, Grey Reef, and Tiger and of course the Remora are always present looking to attach themselves to a passing shark.

8. Soft Coral and Diver.. A rich and colourful example of the soft corals growing in the tropical ocean depths that attracts local and international divers to the northern regions of Western Australia. The popular dive sites close to the town of Exmouth such as Bundegi and the Navy Pier are rich source of marine life and coral growth that the tourism Industry is proud to showcase.

9. Potato Cod and Diver.. The lovable and friendly Potato Cod (Epinephelus tukula) found in temperate water around Australia and to the north of the country will willingly approach divers seeking company but mainly fish scraps. The Potato Cod is known to be plainly aggressive in the quest for food so divers and photographers are advised to exercise caution but the encounters are always exciting and memorable.

10. Helicopter Pilots training for survival.. Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) is vital survival training for aircrew and occasional over-water personnel who are required to travel to off-shore oil platforms, remote islands and offshore telecommunications facilities. In the event of a helicopter having to ditch or crash into the sea the crew and passengers must be trained in how to survive in an upturned and possibly darkened aircraft. Overseas oil platform workers have been killed in past accidents so the need arose to train a

11. Diver, City of York wreck, Rottnest Island. Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth WA is well known by scuba divers for the variety of ship wrecks found in the clear shallow water around the island. The wreck of the City of York, wrecked in 1899, is easily dived on by divers of all skill levels Rottnest Island also supports a local sea lion community (Neophoca cinerea) and a family group of Grey Nurse sharks (Eugomphodus Taurus)

12. Great Jellyfish Encounter. The SCUBA diving in Western Australia is considered to be some of the best in the world. From Esperance in the south to Broome in the far north. Winter and summer conditions are ideal for diving all year round.

13. Grey Reef Shark visiting curious divers.. The Grey Reef Shark is known locally in PNG diving sites as the Graceful Whaler and is willing to venture close to divers and allow detailed photographs to be captured. The shark shows no sign of fear or aggression and is simply curious about the noisy divers in it's territory.

14. Longfin Bannerfish, Heniochus acuminatus. Longfin Bannerfish schooling at Navy Pier, Bundegi, Exmouth, Western Australia. Navy Pier has the reputation of being one of the Best 10 dive sites in Australia. Approachable schooling fish varieties are more than willing to pose for the camera.