Summertime Western Grebes nesting and caring for their young Photography

Stock Stock Images By Mike Trewet

Western Grebes along with other grebe species carry their young on the backs when they go out to look for food I assume it makes life simpler to take their young to the food source then to always swim back to the shoreline it also helps keep track of the young birds and keep them out of a predators grasp the marshes are also home to Coyotes and Foxes who are always looking for an easy meal.

Summertime Western Grebes nesting and caring for their young Details

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1. Western Grebe 8520 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). Western Grebes come inland to nest and raise their young.

2. Western Grebe 8512 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). A Western Grebe family the male fishes while the female tends to the young chicks.

3. Western Grebe 8504 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). A female Western Grebe with three chicks riding on her back.

4. Western Grebe 8427 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). A pair of Western Grebe with chicks and it is feeding time in a northern Utah marsh.

5. Western Grebe 6196 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). A Western Grebe floats in the sun after a morning of fishing.

6. Western Grebe 3586 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). Western Grebe with a minnow in its bill this seabird dives underwater to catch its food.

7. Western Grebe 3563 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). A female Western Grebe gives her two young chicks a ride on her back to the next fishing location.

8. Western Grebe 3530 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). An adult Western Grebe preens while its two chicks swim alongside.

9. Western Grebe 3505 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). Western Grebe out for a swim with two young chicks.

10. Western Grebe 3487 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). Western Grebe pair the female rides its young on its back while the male feeds the young chick a fish.

11. Western Grebe 3452 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). A Western Grebe adult is a seabird that dives underwater to catch minnows and even larger fish to eat.

12. Western Grebe 3367 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). Western Grebe is about to feed on a small fish it caught by swimming underwater in an inland pond.

13. Western Grebe 3323 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). Western Grebe feeds in a northern Utah marsh.

14. Western Grebe 3310 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). Western Grebe a diving and fish eating seabird found inland in the summer in northern Utah.

15. Western Grebe 3143 ( Aechmorphorus Occidentalis ). A Western Grebe swims on a marsh in northern Utah late May 2016 waiting for its mate that’s fishing for minnows.

16. Western Grebe 2917 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). Western Grebe waits while its mate swims underwater after minnows to feed to its young.

17. Western Grebe 2888 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). Western Grebe fishes in big waves on the large pond at Bear River Bird Refuge in northern Utah.

18. Western Grebe 0569 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). The Western Grebe nesting season is in full swing.

19. Western Grebe 0473 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). A Western Grebe swims in a small pond in northern Utah.

20. Western Grebe 0153 ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ). Even the Western Grebe needs time to rest and they do that by curling their head back and laying it on their body and then they just float on open water.