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The world's top travel destinations including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sydney, Stockholm, Ho Chi MInh City, and San Diego

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1. Sydney Harbour and Opera House. Sydney Harbour and Opera House as seen from Sydney Harbour Bridge. Boats and ferries create crisscross trails in the water and the Eastern Suburbs spread out in the distance

2. Sydney Towers. Sydney Central Business District (CBD) is dominated by modern high rise buildings of different shapes and sizes

3. Sydney Botanical Garden and Jacaranda Tree. Sydney Botanical Garden in spring with blooming jacaranda trees, birds, and curious patrons

4. Sydney Bayfront Park. Sydney Bayfront Park in spring with towers, thought-shaped cloud, and blooming jacaranda trees and green grass

5. Stockholm Baltic Sea Harbor and Clouds. Stockholm,Sweden Baltic Sea harbor, boats, and clouds above the city on a summer day

6. Stockholm Baltic Sea Swimming Park. Stockholm Baltic Sea Swimming and Boating park in summer with swimmers, sun bathers, boaters, and others enjoying warm sunshine and balmy water

7. San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts. The Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina District of San Francisco is the centerpiece of a small but beautiful park built originally for the Panama Exposition of 1915

8. San Francisco Skyline at Night. San Francisco skyline at light from Telegraph Hill

9. San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Eastern Span. Taken in 2013 after the new, higher towered, span was constructed to replace the span built in the 1930's

10. New York City Manhattan Bridge with Park and Buildings. Under the Manhattan Bridge in the Brooklyn Borough of New York City, a photographer takes aim while an artist sketches from her rock perch at the shore of the East River.

11. New York City High Line Couple. Two people sit at a comfortable viewing bench at the High Line elevated urban park in the Chelsea district of New York City

12. Bikes Parked at Santa Monica Third Street Promenade. Parked bikes at the Third Street Promenade, a shopping street in Santa Monica, the beach city of Los Angeles

13. Zebras Exhibit at 2011 Sculpture By The Sea in Sydney, Australia. At Sydney's annual Sculpture By The Sea, two large zebras made of plaster mark their place at the bluff's edge

14. Contemplation Exhibit at 2011 Sculpture By The Sea in Sydney, Australia. At Sydney's annual Sculpture By The Sea,an author stands in a contemplative pose overlooking the shore where two men talk

15. Funny Don't Touch Sign at 2011 Sculpture By The Sea in Sydney, Australia. At Sydney's annual Sculpture By The Sea, a man photographs his young son touching a do-not-touch sign

16. Faucet exhibit at 2011 Sculpture By The Sea in Sydney, Australia. At Sydney's annual Sculpture By The Sea, a girl walks around larger than life water faucet handle, a woman shields her eyes, and another woman checks her mobile phone

17. Dramatic Clouds over Gamla Stan Stockholm,Sweden. Gamla Stan in Stockholm was settled in the 1200's and is stuffed with classic apartment and hotel buildings hundreds of years old in soft and bright colors that are easy on the eye. A tall copper turned green church steep towers over the row of buildings facing the harbor, all bathed in the mid day sunlight that goes away a minute later when it begins to rain.

18. Stockholm,Sweden Gamla Stan and Water View. Stockholm,Sweden and Gamla Stan with palm tree and wind swept cloud scape over beautiful harbor

19. Faucet exhibit at 2011 Sculpture By The Sea in Sydney, Australia. At Sydney's annual Sculpture By The Sea, people are framed by a gigantic faucet exhibit and a surreal sky

20. Frame exhibit at 2011 Sculpture By The Sea in Sydney, Australia. At Sydney's annual Sculpture By The Sea, a wind-blown tourist and her male companion smile as they are perfectly centered in the huge frame with local cockatoo perched atop,blue sky, and wild Pacific Ocean in the background

21. Cabbage Tree Bay in Sydney, Australia. People walk,swim,lounge,and fish by the water at Cabbage Tree Bay near Manly Beach in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney, Australia

22. North Curl Curl Beach in Sydney, Australia. A toddler explores rock pool at North Curl Curl Beach as her two brothers, mother, and fishermen and swimmers in the background enjoy the water

23. Sydney Harbour Bridge at Night. The Sydney Harbour Bridge at night as seen from Circular Quay, looking north toward Luna Park and the North Shore, its towers and the iconic urban bridge lit up with colorful lights. A Sydney ferry departs the North Shore on its way toward Circular Quay

24. Bryant Park in New York City. Amid a vista of Midtown Manhattan high rise buildings including the Empire State Building, people lounge on chairs and bask in the spring sunshine on the grassy expanse of Bryant Park, one of the few green spaces in this part of New York City.

25. Los Angeles at Night from Griffith Observatory. The sprawl of Los Angeles at night from the Griffith Observatory. The view is a panorama from the skyscrapers of Downtown Los Angeles at left to Mid-Wilshire and parts of Hollywood on the far right.

26. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Lane Woman and Fruit Baskets. Woman wearing the traditional Vietnamese hat sits on a stoop in the narrow lane with her baskets of fruit at her side. A pink seat Moped stands parked in the foreground and metal gates protect the occupants of the buildings from intrusion. People walk in the distance through the alley, dressed appropriately for the warm and humid weather of Ho Chi Minh

27. San Diego High Rises,Fountain,and Pedestrians. San-Diego, California Apartment High Rises Towering Over a Huge Fountain Pool and pedestrians on typical sunny Southern California day

28. San Francisco From Telegraph Hill. High rise office buildings in the financial district of San Francisco with a picturesque sky as seen from a grassy homestead on Telegraph Hill. Iconic Transamerica Pyramid and Bank of America buildings appear as well as the North Beach and Nob Hill districts in middle and background respectively.

29. Bondi Beach,Sydney . Bondi Beach in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney on a Clear Spring Day is Packed with Sun-Worshipers and Water Enthusiasts. The crescent shaped beach and the residential neighborhood beyond Campbell Parade arch around the curved beach front. Swimmers, surfers, and waders enjoy the clear, turquoise colored water devoid of all but the most tepid of waves.

30. San Francisco Oakland Ferry on San Francisco Bay. San Francisco to Oakland ferry passengers on the sun splashed upper deck of the boat with the bay and the city of San Francisco in the background. The San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge span the blue green water and a thin ribbon of fog covers the distant bay near the hills of the Marin Headlands and the Golden Gate Bridge.