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Just lying in the grass, thinking by the pond, clowning around in costume, searching under rocks and climbing trees, chores and drinking fountains, blowing bubbles and hanging around with the gang, tackling spaghetti, trying a trail bike, crashing the snow sled or just reading quietly under the table with puss. That's childhood.

Kids at pond
Backyard chores
Who am I?
Candlelit kids
The gang
Go - carts
Baby's feet
Fun in the snow
Tea Break
Clay modelling
Violin lesson
Boy in overalls

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First Published: 1/17/2016

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Caption List:

1. Girl lying in grass. Sunny shot of girl lying in grass listening to walkman

2. Pensive boy reflecting. Pensive boy reflecting in pond in the sunshine

3. Kids at pond. Four children of different ages reflected in a pond

4. Child in clown suit. Child in floppy pink clown suit acting exhuberently

5. Girl fooling around on scales. Young girl with pillow up her jumper pretending to weigh herself on bathroom scales

6. Girl mimicking sculpture. Young girl in gallery mimicking the pose of a sculptured old man en pensive mood

7. Child climbing from tree house. child climbing down from tree house in old peppercorn tree

8. Kids crashing on snow sled. close-up of kids crashing snow sled

9. Backyard chores. Young girl raking up garden waste beside smoldering fire

10. Drinking at waterfountain. Young girl drinking at water fountain seen in close up emphasising the sculptural flow

11. Who am I?. Young girl looking at a mass of posters outside a newsagency each depicting some form of beautiful person

12. Children playing silhouette. Silhouette of a group of children playing together

13. Candlelit kids. Group of children gathered around their candles at carol's night

14. The gang. Group of children from teens to youngsters, one riding a bike, walking along park path towards camera

15. Reading with a friend. Young girlreading while snuggling up to her cat

16. Four on the floor. Happiness is having your face painted and rollicking on the floor with your friends

17. Dipping one's net. A young boy balances precariously out on the end of a lod as he scoops his net in the pond

18. Bubblegum. Close view of young boy blowing huge bubble

19. Kids playing in puddle in forest. Seen through the writhing tree trunks which surround them, two small children play on the edge of a lake

20. Trailer ride to the dam. Gleeful kids in the trailer ready to be taken down to the dam for a swim and a paddle

21. Kids feeding chestnut horse over fence.. The low afternoon sun highlights the colour of the chestnut horse as two children offer it an apple

22. Girl in candle light. Close view of girl peering at candle flame in the darkness

23. Go - carts. Go Cart race

24. Boy with white mouse.jpg,. Young boy holding his pet white mouse

25. Boy eating fairyfloss.jpg,. close view of boy tackling a huge ball of fairyfloss

26. Kids splashing thru shallows. kids running helter skelter through the shallows as the sun highlights the spray in their wake

27. Kids somersaulting in shallows.. Two kids somersaulting in the shallows at the beach

28. Girl washing her dog. young girl soaping up her dog in a small bath on the front lawn

29. Girl skipping seen from above.. aerial view of young girl skipping

30. Young trailbiker. The helmet and all the colourful gear help create the atmosphere at the trail bike competition

31. Pass the pasta please. Young boy eating spaghetti by the gravity method - dangling from above

32. Young boy with sock puppet. Young boy at homr swapping expressions with his sock puppet

33. Child painted up as clown. Clown with attitude

34. Child smelling flowers. Young girl smelling the daisies

35. Young child feeding possums in the park at night. Child straining to reach up as poosum strains to reach down for food

36. Child blowing a dandelion clock. Child blowing the seeds off a dandelion seedhead to tell the time

37. Child on beach rocks. Young boy scrambling across the rocks at cliff bottom by the sea

38. Boy rolling in autumn leaves. Young boy rolling in the autumn leaves

39. Hands in repose. Young schoolgirl's hands completely relaxed as she sits on the pavement

40. Blowing up a balloon. Young boy straining to blow up a balloon

41. Birdnesting. Two young children searching the bush for birds nests

42. .

43. Dog on the see-saw. Young boys playing on see-saws in the park with their foxie joining in

44. Kids on inflateable slide. Fun and frolics as the kids slide down a very colourful slope

45. Kids running with dog. Kids on farm running towards camera with huge happy dog

46. Mother consoling wan child. Child deep in the blues snuggles into mum's cheek

47. Dad and daughter. Dad and young daughter having a chat over coffee

48. Camp breakfast. Two young children hogging into their breakfast on a cold morning at the camping ground

49. Baby's feet. close sculptural view of baby's feet

50. Boy with watermelon. Young boy savouring the cool sweet sensation of a mouthful of watermelon

51. Mother & child playing with noses. Mother and young son out in the backyard comparing noses

52. Girl in bedroom surrounded by posters. Posters of all her idols surround her in a protective cocoon as she reads blissfully on her bed

53. Boy's first day at school. young boy fishes in his bag as part of the new experience of school

54. Father watching baby son at play. Sitting leisurely out in the backyard mother and father chat as the toddler examines his toy

55. Boy peering through magnifying glass. Close up of boy looking through magnifying glass at the camera

56. Boy with stumpytail. Boy in the bush examines a stumpytail lizard which has been sunbaking

57. Fun in the snow. Fun in the snow as the sled crashes and the landing is thankfully soft

58. Cockatoo puppet. Beautiful hand puppet in the form of a pink cockatoo

59. splatt. Close view of a young girl who has just been splattered with a faceful of froth

60. Young snooker player. Young girl lines up the red for the corner pocket

61. Tea Break. Guy sitting on a ladder, reading.

62. .

63. Giant Tasmanian tree. Children seated at the base of a giant eucalypt indicate its massive size

64. Girl with pointer map. Girl checking her whereabouts on a bronze pointer location guide

65. Clay modelling. Young teenager enjoys the challenge of clay modelling

66. Bush tucker sweets. Boy chews at a sap bubble as he savers the sweetness of it

67. Sweet smelling herbs. Young aboriginal girl smells the sweetness of bushtucker herbs

68. Taking refreshment in the river. At midday in the Northern Territory, there's only one place to be and that's in the river.

69. Honey is great bush tucker. Honey is considered one of the luxuries in the bush tucker department

70. Overview of Australian drinking habits. Poster made up of the various ways in which Aussies have quenched their thirst over the years

71. A guiding Hand. Teacher guides the small hands of a student potter at the wheel

72. Yabbying. Backlit by the spring sun two boys fish for yabbies at the local pond

73. Kids in bush with stumpytail. Kids in the dry of the Little Desert in Victoria find a stumpytail almost perfectly camouflaged among the ground litter

74. Robots on view at the local show. People view the latest in robotics

75. Girl watching science experiment. Young girl watches as the beaker boils in the science lab

76. Kids jumping off rocks. Children climbing on the rocks at the beach and then launching themselves into space

77. Corroboree lesson. Young children having a corroboree lesson in the hot north

78. Young boy with great expectations. profile of a young boy looking brightly into the future

79. Child shining torch. Child shining torch in darkened room with the beam streaming out ahead

80. Child with torch in the dark. Child with torch shining a strong straight beam

81. Boy eating watermelon at market. Boy savouring the delicious juiciness of a huge chunk of watermelon at the Victoria Market

82. Blowing out the candles. Young boy about to give that all important blow at the candles on his cake

83. Violin lesson. Earnest young student concentrates hard as he plays

84. Melbourne in the 1950's. Back lane in Fitzroy in the 1950's

85. Young boy in sunlit glade. Young boy on bike resting in the glow of a sunlit glade on the edge of a forest

86. Father sharing with children. Children are quietly fascinated as dad shares his latest find with them

87. Holding water lily roots & flower. Aboriginal child holding water lily plant to indicate the parts which are edible

88. Child in sunnies. Young girl smiles proudly in her chic reflective sunnies

89. Children preserving food stuffs. Young boy carefully measures the ingredients of his preserving mixture

90. Children salting vegetables. Young boy is watched by his female classmate as he goes to work preparing to preserve some vegetables

91. Children with table loaded with shopping. Three children excitedly going through the recently purchased food now spread out on the table

92. Kids working under umbreller. Kids outside in the school yard working at an experiment in the rain

93. Child with mixing bowl. Child mixing food in a bowl

94. Teacher and kids experimenting. Teacher and kids mixing liquids in a classroom experiment

95. Dancing class in China. Young girls practice in a dance class in China in the 1960s

96. Pensive young girl. Pensive young girl in glasses

97. Family at the beach. Dad and toddlers facing the waves

98. Boy poking his tongue out. Boy looking at himself in the mirror as he pokes his tongue out

99. Young girl leaping. Young girl in mid-air as she bounces into space

100. Kids playing in the mud. Young boys frollicking in the mud at the beach

101. Girl eating spaghetti. Young girl enthusiastically eating a large serving of spaghetti

102. Children patting police horses. Young children at the beach patting police horses as their owners do a little PR

103. Boys in PE class. Young boys in their whites doing push-ups in their phys ed class

104. Boys playing chess. Two young boys playing chess in casual situation

105. Boy feeding crimson rosella. Crimson rosella sits on boy's wrist and eats seed from his hand

106. Girl at letterbox. Thoughtful girl at letterbox having received that important letter from....

107. Boys at rockpool. Boys with their rockpool discovery

108. Young girl in spa. Young girl enjoys the froth and bubble of the spa

109. Kids working in clay. Kids working in clay moulding bowls into which they are impressing shapes and textures

110. Boy working with algebra blocks. Young boy at table working with coloured algebra blocks

111. Mother and son in boy's room. Mother and son sharing a book in his bedroom

112. Breastfeeding poster. Black and white image of child watching his baby sister being fed at the breast

113. Boy eating sandwich of hundreds and thousands. Close up view of boy eating sandwich of hundreds and thousands

114. Boy eating sandwich. Close up view of boy eating sandwich

115. Boy eating spaghetti. Close up view of boy eating spaghetti with great relish and style

116. Girl eating hotdog. Close up view of girl eating a sausage rolled up in bread

117. Boy in overalls. Young boy acting as a mechanic looking a bit the worse for wear

118. Boy using a magnet. Young boy in class working with a magnet attracting paper clips

119. Kids in goggles working with flame experiments. Kids working in the dark as a group on a science experiment concerning combustion

120. Children in play shop at school. Children playing at shopping at primary school

121. Boy reading under huge gum tree. Boy in park reading under a huge spreading gum tree

122. Art class in primary school. Junior art class in primary school with the class all working on the environmental issue of saving whales

123. Girl playing with horseshoe magnet and paperclips. Girl playing with horseshoe magnet in the classroom

124. Boy playing with magnet and paperclips. Boy playing with magnet in the classroom

125. Boy playing with magnet. Boy playing with magnet on light table

126. Girl with bubbly soft drink. Young girl drinking from a sunlit bottle of soft drink

127. Young teenagers with parrots. Young male and female teenagers feeding crimson rosellas

128. Aboriginal children frollicking in the river. Aboriginal kids having a ball in the local river

129. Aboriginal children with their faces painted. Aboriginal kids with their bodies painted up excited about the upcoming corroborree

130. Aboriginal girl having her face painted. Aboriginal woman painting the face of a young girl prior to a corroboree

131. Aboriginal girl having her face painted. Aboriginal girl having her face painted prior to a corroboree

132. Child having fun at the beach. Young child jumps wildly as she races around making crazy circles in the sand

133. Boys on beach with raft. Three boys at the beach prepare their raft under the old swing bridge

134. Girl and her horse at the beach. Young girl caresses her pony as they enjoy the sandy beach

135. Boys saltwater fishing. Silhouette of a gang of boys at the end of a days saltwater fishing

136. Girl with cerebral palsy looking through her scrapbook. Young girl with cerebral palsy looking through her scrap book

137. Girl with cerebral palsy climbing tyres in playground. Young girl with cerebral palsy looking determined whilst climbing the tyre frame in the playground

138. Girl with cerebral palsy with drum kit. Young girl with cerebral palsy putting Ringo Starr to shame with her style and technique on the drums

139. Blind boy playing deck bowls. Young blind boy having a whale of a time playing deck bowls with his brothers

140. Blind boy playing piano. Young blind boy having a whale of a time at the piano with his family

141. String puppetin suitcase with baby. Marianette puppet with young child sitting in suitcase