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What better eye candy than a beautiful flower? Natives and exotics, perenials and one day wonders. Blossoms, wattles, cacti, fuscias, roses, banksias, daisies, proteas, grevilleas, warratahs, lillies, daffodils and more. Delicious close-ups.

Cactus flower
hakea blooms
Waratah flower
Pink roses
Gum blossom
Wattle bloom
Study in blue
Red protea
Red roses
Opium poppies
Purple pansy
Red toadstools
Red pea flower
Sedge plant
Golden Wattle
Vase of flowers
Hakea flowers
Cycad plant
Banksia bush
Banksia bush
Yellow orchid
Dandelion head
Scotch thistle
Scotch thistle

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First Published: 20160124

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Caption List:

1. Grevillea. Close-up of red grevillea showing the lush texture of the flower

2. Flametree flower. Red coral tree flowers

3. Fuschias. Still life of pink fuschia flowers on wet slate with reflection

4. Cactus flower. cactus flower backlit and glowing

5. hakea blooms. close view of beautifully lit hakea blooms against a dark background

6. Yellow gum blossom. Close view of tellow gum blossom

7. Wattle. Close up of wattle flower

8. Waratah flower. Red waratah flower and surrounding frill of leaves on black background

9. Red gum blossom B. close up of red gum blossoms against a dark background

10. Pink roses. Bunch of pink roses with water droplets close view

11. Pink gum blossom. Still life of pink gum blossom and caps laying on a wet surface with reflections

12. Gum blossom. Close view of yellow gum blossom

13. Wattle bloom. Extreme close up of wattle blooms

14. Banksia. Close view of two banksia flowers, one side view and one from above

15. My love is like a red red rose. Close view of a red rose covered with dew

16. Study in blue. Lavenda flowers reflecting in textured glass

17. White heath flowers. Close view of white heath flowers and spiky leaves

18. Two red waratah flowers. Close view of two red waratah flowers

19. Red heath flowers.. Line of brilliant red heath flowers shining jewels in the bush

20. Orange everlasting daisies.. close view of red orange everlasting daisy flowers

21. Red protea. Close view of a red protea flower

22. White heath flowers. Close view of white heath flowers and spiky leaves

23. Dandelion head.. windblown dandelion seedhead glistening in the sun

24. Red roses. Close view of a bunch of red roses with dew on them

25. Native flower. Close view of native pea flower

26. Melaleuca. Yellow melaleuca flower head in the bright sunshine

27. Gum blossom C. Yellow gum blossom on textured glass with reflections

28. Daffodil. Brilliant close up of single daffodil against black background

29. Four Leaved Clover. Close view of a hand holding a four leaf clover

30. Red rose on reflective surface. Bright red rose lying on a mirrored surface

31. Opium poppies. Opium poppy seed boxes and flowers commercially grown in Tasmania. Images available separately.

32. Red Kangaroo Paw. Close up of red Kangaroo Paw just opening

33. Spray of flowers. floral arrangement on black background

34. Strezlitzia. Exotic shape and colour

35. Yellow tulips. Yellow tulips seen against a black background

36. Purple and white daisies. Purple and white daisies dramatically lit

37. Purple pansy. brilliant colour of a purple pansy

38. Protea in extreme close-up. Beautifully lit close up view of a protea flower

39. Bright orange flower. Centre of a bright orange flower

40. Coral gum blossom. Close view of the beautiful shapes of the Coral gum blossom and seed pods

41. Yellow gum blossom and caps. Yellow gum blossoms forcing their way out from under their eucalyptic caps

42. Bouquet of dyed flowers B. Bouquet of red dyed flowers

43. Bouquet of dyed flowers A. Blue purple dyed flowers

44. Red toadstools. Red toadstools glowing on the damp forest floor

45. Daffodils on purple glow. Daffodils and their reflections on a purple glow

46. Daffodils on green glow. A pair of doffodils reflecting on a green glow

47. Bell Fruited Mallee flower. Brilliant glow of a Bell Fruited Mallee flower lit from behind by the spring sun

48. Pink lilium on textured glass. Pink lilium glowing and reflecting in textured glass

49. Red pea flower. Brilliant red pea flower on a dark background

50. Waratah. Brilliant red centre of a waratah flower

51. Yellow grevillea. Yellow grevillea with spikey leaves

52. Holding water lily roots & flower. Aboriginal child holding water lily plant to indicate the parts which are edible

53. Mallee flower and fruit. Yellow flower and bright red bud of the Illyarrie tree

54. Sedge plant. Spiky mattrush flower head and spikes

55. Rainforest details. Flowers, trunks and vines of the tropical rainforest

56. Californian poppy flower. bright orange californian poppy flower

57. Golden Wattle. Golden wattle seen in close-up against a black background

58. Flowers in exotic brass vase. Flowers in an interesting brass vase on a black background

59. Wattle flower in extreme close-up. Wattle ball fills the composition in a spectacular golden orb

60. Vase of flowers. Flowers in a pottery vase on a black background

61. Pink heath flowers en masse. Close view of pink heath flowers on a black background

62. Panoramic image of wattle. horizontal image of a wattle branch

63. Hakea flowers. Brilliant close up of hakea flowers sparkling in the light

64. Hibiscus. Hibiscus flower glowing in the sun

65. Giant sunflower. close view of a giant yellow sunflower against a blue sky

66. Dandelion seed head. Close view of a dandelion seedhead ripe for o'clocking

67. Cycad plant. Close view of this ancient plant showing its characteristic cone

68. Cactus close-up. Close view of cactus showing the phi rhythm of development

69. Red flowered yellow box blossoms. The soft pink of the red flowered yellow box blossoms seem incongruous with the surrounds of the dry, harsh conditions of outback NSW

70. Sturt's Desert Pea. Flamboyant showoffs don't come much more so than the bold sturt's desert pea flower

71. Bunch of calistemon flowers. View of a calistemon bush emphasising the large and showy nature of its blooms

72. Spreading calistemon. Fairly horizontal or panoramic view of a calistemon plant

73. Calistemon against the sky. Red calistemon flowers stand out brilliantly against the clear blue Australian sky

74. Calistemon bush. Complete bush of an Australian calistemon plant

75. Yellow melaleuca flower . Yellow melaleuca flower in brilliant close-up

76. Pink calistemon. Spreading calistemon showing a large part of the bush with a dozen or so flowers

77. Melaleuca flowers. Branch of a yellow melaleuca with a lagrge group of flower heads

78. Banksia bush. Banksia proteaceae bush showing a large part of the plant with a dozen or so flowers

79. Banksia bush. Middle view of banksia ericafolia bush showing a dozen or so flowers and the general character of the plant

80. Protea flowers. Red protea flowers grouped to make a great show

81. Protea flower in extreme close-up. Brilliantly backlit and glowing to show off its exotic beauty to great effect

82. Melaleuca bush. Yellow melaleuca bush spread out against the clear blue sky

83. Lush close-up of red grevillea. Incredible velvet texture of the red grevillea is obvious in this extreme close view

84. Protea bush panopramic. wide view of a red protea bush

85. Banksia head new and old. banksia ericafolia seen with a current flower beside an old weathered seed box from a previous season

86. Fingers holding flower. Close view of fingers holding tiny flower

87. Yellow orchid. close view of a yellow orchid senn with interesting backlight on a black background

88. Pink blossoms at sunset . Pink eucalypt blossom in juicy close-up reflecting in groundwater at sunset

89. Yellow Bell Fruited Mallee blossoms. Yellow Bell Fruited Mallee blossom in juicy close-up

90. Yellow gum blossoms with reflections B. Yellow gum blossom in juicy close-up showing reflections in textured glass

91. Yellow gum blossoms with reflections. Yellow gum blossom in juicy close-up showing reflections in textured glass

92. Dandelion. Dandelion flower and seedbox

93. Dandelion. Dandelion flower and seedbox

94. Dandelion head. Dandelion seed head

95. Scotch thistle. scotch thistle flower and spikes

96. Scotch thistle. scotch thistle flower and spikes