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You and I are personalities whereas the rest of society are characters...and what fascinating characters they are too. Spruikers cajoling, musos amusing, old fellas feeding gulls in the park, mechanics fiddling, clowns making up, mums mothering, models posing, toffee-nosed toffs toffing, fortune tellers telling and oldies doing all those things that oldies do. And more.

Old hands
Laughing face
Fortune teller
Woman in white
Two-up croupier
Fimo couple
Poor boy
Sad girl
Glamour puss
Gene Simmons
Crazy Mum
Bus stop
Fifties chick
Pretty girl B
Fortune teller
Dramatic plea
Cleaning up
Rap dancer
Six happy punks
Rap dancer
Doubtful pirate
Violin lesson
KISS member
Punk horse
Alien on slab
Gypsy dancing
Alien dancer
Clown dancing
Woman's eyes
Clown with dog
Boy in overalls
Lady Macbeth
String puppets
String puppet C
String puppet A

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First Published: 1/17/2016

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Caption List:

1. Union rally speaker. Highly animated speaker at union rally

2. According to the accordianists. Three naked piano accordianists performing their good humoured, risque antics

3. Man feeding gulls in park. Man feeding surrounding gulls in park with one seated on his head

4. Female mechanic at work. Young female mechanic and offsider working on car in service station

5. Old hands. Old wrinkled hands folded in lap on crocheted quilt

6. Women viewing paintings. A couple of elderly women looking at what they may have been centuries before

7. Naked Civil Servant. Office worker apparently only in hat and briefcase reading paper on park bench

8. Laughing face. Close-up of laughing face with gender unclear

9. Farmer. Rough, gnarled hand of old farmer on fence post

10. Woman making cuppas. Exterior shot of woman with toast in mouth making 7 cups of tea for the brood

11. Union speaker at rally. Animated union speaker at rally in city

12. Fortune teller. Fortune teller with crystal ball surrounded by mystical imagery

13. Face of old fencer. Face of old Australian rural worker

14. Clown making up face. close-up of clown making up face

15. Woman in white. Mid shot of attarctive young woman in brief white outfit seated on white box

16. Class with a glass. Two incredibly snobby women with their glasses of orange juice and their spring fashion hats and dresses

17. Two-up croupier. Two-up croupier about to toss the coins

18. Sharing the beach. Old woman feeding a long line of expectant gulls

19. Life with the birds. Man seated on park bench feeding gulls, one of which is perched on his head

20. Naked civil servant colour.. Man with briefcase seated on park bench reading the paper, apparently in the nude

21. Kiss performing for camera.. The pop group Kiss fooling around as they wait to start their gig

22. Female mechanics.. Two cheeky girls in their overalls posing perkily for the camera

23. Drover and his horse. Drover and his horse on a dreary wet day on the edge of a country town

24. Sculptural portrait. Black and white image or a young woman with her hands up to her forming an iconic sculpture

25. Swaggie.. Full length view of a swagman loaded up with all his worldly possessions

26. Fimo couple. Male & Female moulded figures

27. Poor boy. Close up view of orphaned boy in rags looking tired and dejected.

28. Old seadog using sextant. Old 'seadog' using a ship's sextant

29. Characerat a protest rally. Angry protestors with banners.

30. Bhuddist meditating. Korean bhuddist meditating

31. .

32. Across the ages. guy in his shorts and thongs plus his teddy bear balloon viewing an eighteenth century painting of a wigged gentleman

33. Police and demonstrators in discussion. Demonstrators stop to discuss motives and attitudes with the police as seen from above

34. Moratorium demonstrator. Young blond girl making an unusually glamorous image as a protester

35. Farmer riding his cow. Western district farmer riding his cow along thr highway as he shifts the herd to another paddock

36. Cuppa time at the bowling green. ladies in their bowling uniforms seated at the morning tea table with their world reflecting in their giant teapots

37. Pop festival characters. Characters at the Sunbury pop festival looking very much part of the seventies

38. Old soldier at Anzac day parade. Old digger in full rig sits in a chair awaiting the parade

39. Fishmonger at the market. Woman adding fish to the scales at the Vic Market

40. Affluence and under the influence. Wealthy woman with poodle passes without noticing the unconscious form of a homeless man in the alley

41. Mum with the luggage. Mum sits and minds the 'umpteen' suitcases at the station as she juggles her children and whatever else she has to do

42. Old man in his shed. Old man working in his cluttered workshop surrounded by his past

43. Old man in his shed. Old man working in his cluttered workshop surrounded by his past

44. Summit conference for one. Climber sitting proudly on the peak of a rocky hill

45. Unusual wedding. Unusual wedding with bride in fairly traditional dress while the groom is dressed in a nice red outfit to match his lipstick

46. Cricket spectator. Ultra relaxed and prepared cricket spectator

47. Sad girl. Is she sad or just deep in thought?

48. Performer's hands. Expressive hands of the stage performer

49. Three employees . Three employees of a large company each with quite distinct roles

50. Three workers. Portrait of three workers in various apparel applicable to their roles

51. White & blue collar workers together. The butcher, the mechanic and the company director all smile for the camera

52. Fortune teller at work. Reading palms at the school fete can be a load of fun or deadly serious

53. Female bikie putting on helmet. Female bikie about to mount upand guide her machine into the taffic

54. Annie got her gun. Middle aged womman with shotgun and a defiant look

55. Office worker muses. Coat off, foot up on chair, an office worker muses over her duties

56. Happy office worker. Holding a file and seeing work as play a young office worker enjoys her life

57. picture research. bright young lady sits on her stool with note pad surrounded by millions of trannies

58. Office worker taking a breather. Female office worker sits exhausted in her chair

59. Edwardian Christmas tree. Group in Edwardian costume form themselves into a rather solemn Christmas tree

60. Girl sits on huge pile of slides. Sitting casually on a huge pile of trannies a girl slowly examines them one at a time

61. Girl selecting a slide. Girl in very with it outfit lies on a huge pile of slides and casually looks through them one at a time

62. Old man and his cat. Elderly man sits in his loungeroom with his adoring cat perched on his lap

63. Three teenage workers. Butcher, mechanic and jockey sit for a group portrait

64. Vamp showing off her rings. Close up of model as she burns her gaze into the camera

65. Pensive bridegroom. Bridegroom sits in the shadows and contemplates the life of a married man

66. Proud owner builder. Builder of his own mud brick house he stands proudly amid his work

67. Glamour puss. Model poses for the camera in leather and shades

68. Lady of the mnor and servant. The lady of the manor and maid discuss details of the up and coming garden party

69. Ladies and lace. Women dressed in Edwardian costume

70. Gene Simmons. Kiss member Gene Simmons seen very close up and pouting at the camera

71. Man with surrounding aura. Man standing wirh his bare torso, head arms and legs showing a surrounding light aura

72. Young man with aura. Young man with aura and his dog without one

73. Businessman cheering wildly. Businessman with briefcase cheering wildly

74. Cheering crowd. Footy crowd cheering as the mighties score yet another goal

75. Woman with arms out. Woman in studio with arms outstretched

76. Woman with arms folded. Woman in her 50's in studio facing the camera with arms folded

77. Street violinists. Violinists playing on a suburban footpath

78. Swing dancers at the prom. Couple really getting into their swing dancing as the wallflowers look on

79. Boxer shaping up CU. Close view of boxer Diamond Dale Westerman shaping up to the camera

80. Boxer shaping up. Boxer Diamond Dale Westerman shaping up to the camera

81. Customs official stamping paper. Customs official in her office stamping someones papers

82. Crazy Mum. Oh it's just Mum gone troppo again

83. Two fluffy ladies. Girl and her pet dog trying to outdo each other with their flowing locks

84. Neon portrait. Couple lit by mobile light to give an eerie neon outline

85. Bus stop . Bus stop you wait we share the sunshine and shadow

86. Lady at garden party. Woman with champagne glass awaiting a top up from the maid

87. Tired Mum at clothesline. Mum slumped in a chair as she sits among her washing on the line

88. Imperious gentleman. Imperious looking gent who may be a kossack or just a pompous ass

89. Man with agenda. Man in woollen jumper with book and whiskey

90. Footy Crowd at Swans match. Crowd of avid Swans fans enjoying the match

91. Woman with gun. Highly sophisticated woman with licence to kill

92. Woman killer after the event. Woman with a gun exhausted after the hunt

93. Female executive with gun. Female executive ponders who is next to get it

94. Paperboys. Enthusiastic paperboys at work

95. Paperboy taking money. Paperboy taking money from customer

96. Paperboy. Paperboy on city corner

97. Fifties chick. Girl in leather jacket

98. Pretty girl B. Pretty girl poses for the camera

99. A girl and her shades. Cheeky peek over the shades

100. Interviewing old lady. Old lady in wheelchair being interviewed for television

101. TV interview at rally. Politician being interviewed in the street during a demonstration

102. Cattleman. Young cattleman chews on his grass stalk and ponders the furure

103. Your friendly spiritualist. Fortune teller is pleased to see you again

104. Fortune teller. Fortune teller gazes optimistically at her client

105. Ladies off to the Oaks. Two ladies who exude the sort of poshness one needs to operate well at the Oaks

106. Seascouts on the loose. Group of seascouts head off across the lawns

107. Dramatic plea. Character on stage pleads his case in a dramatic scene

108. Dramatic tension on stage. Characters entwine their fingers in a dramatic scene in a tragic play

109. Pantomime character. Panto character, half woman, half baby and an extra half of man tyhrown in for good measure

110. Servants in waiting. Maid and butler wait patiently for their instructions

111. Pedal power in Asia. Man peddles a bicycle powered rickshaw

112. Despairing couple. Couple in a Greek tragedy support each other in their grief

113. Trio from the swing era. Three girls in the garb of the swing era perform in the spotlight before the classic old microphone

114. Penny farthing bicycle. Man in appropriate gear rides his penny farthing bike

115. Peter Carey portrait. Highly colourized and solarized version of my portrait of Peter Carey

116. Computer graphic artist at work. Computer graphic artist at work employing both the old and the new materials of her trade

117. Charles Bush in his studio. Artist Charles Bush at work in his studio in North Melbourne

118. A lady and her maid converse. An exasperated lady tolerates her maid, but only just

119. Horticulturist at work. Young horticulturist at work in his lab

120. Guy preparing his telescope. Guy preparing his telescope for the night's viewing of the stars

121. Guy with telescope. Guy peering through telescope pointed toward the heavens

122. Juggler in action. Juggler working with four oranges

123. Two outback welders. Two outback welders at work in the blazing sun

124. Cleaning up. Cleaning up a spilled load of tomatoes

125. Roof tiler at work. Tiler finishes off his roof

126. Skylarking. Girl teases two sailors in the city

127. Female executive. Fashion designer in her office showroom

128. New Guinea warriors. Three proud warriors in traditional dress in the New Guinea highlands

129. Inspirational speaker. Speaker performs on stage as his image is projected on a screen behind him

130. photographing the heavens. Guy lining up his camera attatched to his telescope

131. Russian Cossack. Russian cossack, or if not, he should be

132. Checking out positions vacant. Unemployed girl checks out the lists of jobs available

133. Beekeeper at work. Apiarist tending his hives out in the paddock

134. Cleopatra and friend. Couple with faces heavily made up

135. Cleopatra lighting up. girl with nose chain and heavily made up lighting a cigarette

136. African drummer performing. Drummer performing in front of a gaudy tattered poster

137. Rap dancer. Rap dancer performing in studio

138. Japanese string orchestra . Japanese women performing

139. Japanese string orchestra A. Japanese women performing on traditional stringed instruments

140. Fortune teller at work.

141. Fortune teller close view. close view of a fortune tellers face as she glows by the light of her crystal ball

142. Fortune teller at fair. Fortune teller reading palms at the local fair

143. Six happy punks. Six happy suburban punks interrupt their schedule for a group portrait

144. Rap dancer three views. Triptych of the rap dancer 'PK'

145. Rap dancer. Rap dancer against an exotic mirror

146. Girl showing her tongue stud. Happiness is having a tongue stud

147. Triple teenage birthday. Three teenagers sit at the table each with a birthday cake ablaze

148. Crying award receiver. Man cries as he receives his award

149. Sullen girl with studs. Sullen girl appearing very down as she contemplates her life

150. Doubtful pirate. Pirate checks to make sure his booty is not just chocolate wrapped in gold foil

151. Boy eating watermelon at market. Boy savouring the delicious juiciness of a huge chunk of watermelon at the Victoria Market

152. Violin lesson. Earnest young student concentrates hard as he plays

153. KISS relaxing. KISS members relaxing between gigs with their fans

154. KISS member . Close encounter with KISS

155. Tending the cooking fire. Aboriginal man tends his cooking fire as he checks the beef on the hot ashes

156. Bikies in the city. Two lines of bikies in the city as they head for a rally

157. Colourful flower seller. Colourful woman with her equally colourful flowers heading off to the market to sell her wares

158. Faces in the crowd. A line of faces in a crowd all concentrating on a common subject

159. Girl relaxing on mountain of transparencies. Girl lazily examines one of the millions of slides she is lying on

160. The slide show from Hell. An apparently benign couple settle you in for night of slide viewing...millions of them.

161. It's raining transparencies. Woman sits among her slide collection amid a hail of trannies

162. Punk horse. Horse doing a fair impression of a punk

163. Bikey mooning. One of a group of bi9kies mooning at the camera

164. Aboriginal woman chopping tree. Aboriginal woman chopping at paperbark tree in search of native honey bees known as sugarbag,

165. Teenage girl daydreaming. Teenage girl stares into space as she contemplate who knows what

166. Office discussion. Four office workers discussing something in the files

167. Old aboriginal man being interviewed. Old aboriginal man being interviewed by two journalists high up in the rocks in the NT

168. Wan boy at the docks. Boy sits in contemplation at the docks thinking of home perhaps?

169. Face in the drain. Cobwebs and ooze form together to look like a forlorn face

170. Alien on slab. Little green alien man placed on slab for investigation

171. Jogger and his dog take a breather. It's hot and both the jogger and his dog are sweating profusely as they take a well earned rest

172. Geranium shouting hi there!. Geranium plant appearing to be shouting excitedly at us from a hole in the fence

173. Female boss in casual mood. Young female executive relaxes with her coat off and a foot up on her office chair

174. Replacing wall newspaper in China. Communist official replaces the current wall newspaper with an update

175. Costumed dance chorus. Composition of faces and waving arms of the swaying chorus

176. Three sumptuous dancers. Three girls swirl and swoop as they eat up the music in their flowing dresses of crisp black and white

177. Exotic dancer swirling. Exotic dancer swirls her dress like a matador facing the bull

178. Dance of the frightened bird. Fear and fragility are conveyed in this dance

179. Gypsy dancing. Exotic and beguiling dance of the gypsy

180. Alien dancer. Exotic headgear conveys the mystical and alien character of this dancer as he flits across the stage

181. Watching a dancer cartwheeling. Two rather bemused dancers watch a more spritely companion cartwheeling in her swirling dress

182. Ballerina leaping. Ballerina in exotic white fluffy costume leaping

183. White masked ballet dancer. Dancer in exotic fluffy white costume dancing on her toe

184. Clown dancing. Tina the clown performs her most serious routine...that is she takes it very seriously

185. Follies girl cartwheeling. Girl from the Follies executes a stylish cartwheel amid a flurry of skirts

186. Dancers from the swing era. Couple getting right in the mood as thet swing along to the sounds of Glenn Miller

187. Pensive young girl. Pensive young girl in glasses

188. Rock group of the 70s. Rock group of the seventies poster shot

189. Woman's eyes. Woman's tired eyes showing the redness of strain

190. Boy poking his tongue out. Boy looking at himself in the mirror as he pokes his tongue out

191. Girl in coffee shop. Thoughtful girl in coffee shop gazing out into space

192. Female executive. Portrait of female executive with folder under her arm and ready for work

193. Clown with dog. Clown with uncontrollable pretend dog

194. Boy in front of crazy fairground mirror. Teenage boy performing in front of a distorting mirror

195. Boy in front of crazy distorting mirror. Teenage boy looking at himself in a distorting mirror

196. Building site of the 50's. Monochrome image of men working on a building site in the 1950's

197. Dogman riding crane. Workman riding as dogman on a crane at a building site in the 1950's

198. Old man looking at his old photograph as a young man. Old man thinking back as he views his photographic portrait as a young World War I soldier

199. Mother chatting to teenage son in his room C. Mother and son enjoy each other's company as they sit chatting in his room.

200. Mother chatting to teenage son in his room B. Mother kids around with son as they sit chatting in his room.

201. Workers tools lying on a fence post. Fencers tools seen in close-up with the worker and his ute blurred out in the background

202. Touching up in the make-up room backstage. Crowded dressing room backstage

203. Boy eating spaghetti. Close up view of boy eating spaghetti with great relish and style

204. Woman eating spaghetti. Close up view of woman eating spaghetti

205. Body painting montage. Series of images of various aspects of body painting

206. Boy in overalls. Young boy acting as a mechanic looking a bit the worse for wear

207. Woman peering from hotel window. Woman seen peering through the venetian blinds of a dingy hotel window

208. Punk showing off his spikey hairdo. Punk with an orange spikey hairdo which mirrors the shape of the architectural background

209. Punk mouth sporting a decorative safety pin. Close view of a punk's mouth with a safety pin through the lip decorated with beads

210. Juggler with people cubes. Image representing the concept of people skills as in the management of human resources

211. Choice of direction D. High angle view of man seated on giant rubix cube surrounded by arrows giving him a choice of directions in his life

212. Ros Bandt playing her flagong. Musician Ros Bandt playing her home-made percussion instrument

213. Girl with newspaper. Teenage girl looking slightly bemused holding newspaper

214. Boy painting large canvas. Teenage boy working on large painting

215. Girl sitting on floor looking thoughtful. Close view of teenage girl sitting on floor looking thoughtfully at her bag

216. Girl sitting thoughtfully on floor. Close view of teenage girl sitting on floor looking thoughtful

217. Aboriginal girl having her face painted. Aboriginal girl having her face painted prior to a corroboree

218. Lady Macbeth. Fairly stylized view of Lady Macbeth contemplating a troubled future

219. Boy looking in mirror. Teenage boy looking at his reflection in the mirror

220. Job centre interview one on one. Young man discussing future employment with a job centre official in a fairly relaxed atmosphere

221. Job centre interview. Young couple discussion future employment with a job centre official in a fairly relaxed atmosphere

222. Doctor interviewing patient. Consulting room where doctor discusses in detail his patient's concerns

223. String puppetin suitcase with baby. Marianette puppet with young child sitting in suitcase

224. String puppets. Two Marianette puppets with one watching the other sitting in a suitcase

225. String puppet C. Marianette puppet sitting on the puppeteer's arm

226. String puppet A. Marianette puppet peeking cheekily around from behind the puppeteer's leg

227. Asian boy close-up. Close up portrait of teenage Asian boy

228. Asian boy mid shot. Mid shot of teenage asian boy

229. Glamorous woman of the fifties. Glamorous woman in evening dress

230. Glamorous woman of the fifties.