Australian Birds Photography

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Blue wrens twitter from bush to bush; statuesque night herons defy you to see them move; crimson rosellas and king parrots keep a watchful eye on you as they nuzzle open the seed they hold in a sculptural vice-like claw. Roosters crow and flash spiky combs; pelicans soar, as do eagles. Hawks hover. Gulls aggressively flock, ducks and geese promenade and take their families for walks. Penguins burrow and galahs roost. Owls watch and wait. All have feathers, and lay eggs. Some are pets.

Blue wren
Crimson Rosella
Cock crowing
Peacock feather
Pink cockatoos
Barn owl
Pink cockatoo
Two pink galahs
Twin barn owls
Night heron B.
Stiletto bill
Brown Hawk
Little Penguin
Eastern Rosella
Crimsom Rosella
Baby galah
Black Cockatoos
Crimson Rosella
Nest egg
Broken home
Girl with chick

Australian Birds Details

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Photo Count: 77

First Published: 2/10/2016

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Caption List:

1. Blue wren. Male blue wren on log profile view

2. Bittern. Crisp close-up of bittern or Night Heron

3. Crimson Rosella. close-up of Crimson Rosella eating seed held in claw

4. Cock crowing. close-up of white cock crowing with bright red comb and crop

5. Rainbow lorikeet. Bright image of rainbow lorikeet thrust forward against a dark background

6. Pelican soaring. Lone pelican soaring in a blue sky, wingtips fine tuning its flight

7. Peacock feather. close-up of the eye of a peacock feather

8. Parrot feathers detail. Close-up view of the back feathers of a king parrot showing the sheen and texture

9. Farmhand feeding geese. Asian farmhand feeding geese whilst goat looks on

10. Magpie. Magpie in tree against a clear blue sky

11. Line of ducks crossing stream. Line of ducks swimming across stream

12. Pink cockatoos. Pair of white crested pink cockatoos sitting together on branch

13. Barn owl. Close up of face of barn Owl

14. Pair of penguins. Two fairy penguins in burrow

15. Pink cockatoo. Image of pink cockatoo eating seen through the foliage of its tree

16. Two pink galahs. Two pink galahs roosting as they chirp to their hearts content

17. Twin barn owls. Two barn owls at roost...or ready to break into a song and dance routine

18. Night heron B.. Heron showing its distinctive nuchal crest

19. New Holland Honey Eater in hand.. close view of honeyeater being held in human hands

20. Flock of seagulls flying.. Mass of seagulls fill the air as they soar overhead

21. Gang gang cockatoo on ground. Gang gang cockatoo feeding on the ground

22. Kookaburras. Pair of kookaburras sitting together on branch facing in opposite directions

23. Stiletto bill. Close view of Brolga emphasising its long probing bill

24. Kookaburra close up.. close view of kookaburra watching intently

25. Cassowary. Close view of cassowary showing colourful neck, head and crown

26. Brown Hawk. Close up of Australian Brown Hawk

27. Pelican roosting on post. Pelican strikong a sculptural pose as it nestles or squats on a post

28. Little Penguin. Little Penguin coming ashore after feeding

29. Eastern Rosella. Eastern Rosella on a branch.

30. Crimsom Rosella. Crimson Rosella on a eucalypt branch.

31. Baby galah. Close up of galah chick head

32. Pale headed Rosella. Pale headed rosella hiding among the gum leaves

33. Red Winged Parrot. Red Winged Parrot fluttering its wings

34. Red breasted parrot. Red Breasted Parrot on old gnarled tree trunk

35. Rainbow Lorikeet on stump. Rainbow Lorikeet sitting on a stump in a dark forest

36. Rainbow Lorikeet drinkig. Rainbow Lorikeet leaning over to drink from a creek

37. Rainbow lorikeet. Rainbow lorikeet about to take flight

38. Rainbow lorikeet. Lorikeet seen through shrubbery

39. Black Cockatoos. Pair of Black Cockatoos roosting

40. Bird's nest with eggs. Typical Blackbird's neat nest built low down with four spotted eggs

41. Crimson Rosella. Young or immature Crimson Rosella in tree

42. Red winged parrot. Red winged parrot sitting in tree showing its brilliant plumage

43. Rooster. Brown rooster with an impressive red comb

44. Cockatiel. Cockatiel in the bush

45. Raven in close-up. raven crow black jet bird native fauna Australian scavenger sleek shiny eye

46. Raven. Shiny black raven sitting on the fence

47. Black cockatoos. Pair of black cockatoos seen in close-up

48. Kookaburra. Kookaburra sitting in a silver wattle tree

49. Penguins on parade. Penguins at the Prom walking up the beach at night on the way to their burrows

50. Cockatoo puppet. Beautiful hand puppet in the form of a pink cockatoo

51. Hand holding eggs. Fresh from the nest a farmer examines his morning collection

52. Homeless baby bird being fed via syringe. Boy feeds homeless bird with milk from a syringe

53. Holding injured penguin. Skin diver holds rescued penguin

54. Hovering gull. Single gull hovers on a warm air current

55. Baby hermit crab. tiny hermit crab held in the fingers of a field scientist

56. Golden bowerbird. Brilliantly coloured Golden bowerbird sitting in a fern gully

57. Feeding gulls as the sun goes down. Feeding gulls at dusk

58. Nest egg. Bird's nest with eggs built low to the ground

59. Broken home. Fallen bird's nest with the evidence of disaster clearly seen

60. Feather caught on twig. Delicate image of a small feather caught on twig

61. Lyrebird horizontal. Lyrebird spreads its tail in a typical mating display

62. Lyrebird vertical. Lyrebird in dark forest

63. Lake Mungo late afternoon. The hot colours so typical of the outback gleam in the setting sun at Mungo national park

64. Little corellas in tree. Little corellas gather in a rare tree in the outback of NSW

65. Galahs at an outback waterhole. Flock of galahs fill every vacant position on the one and only branch which forms a platform over the water

66. Emus in the dry country. Emus gather at a waterhole in the outback of NSW

67. Pelican soaring. Pelican soaring through the bright blue sky

68. Seascape with line of gulls. Line of gulls on beach with highly decorative cloud formation beyond

69. Evening sky across the water. Birds flying home to roost across the pink sky of sunset

70. Boy feeding crimson rosella. Crimson rosella sits on boy's wrist and eats seed from his hand

71. Spilled bird's nest. Fallen bird's nest with broken egg

72. Teenager with king parrot. Teenager holding a king parrot on his arm

73. Boy on riverbank with geese. Boy relaxing on a sunny riverbank with a large gaggle of geese

74. Girl with chick. Teenage girl seen in close-up fondling a yellow robin chick

75. Young teenagers with parrots. Young male and female teenagers feeding crimson rosellas

76. Black swan close view. Close view of a black swan showing the distinctive long black neck and red bill

77. Black swan close up. Close view of a black swan showing the distinctive red bill