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Australian landscape from the bush to the beach, deserts to mountains. Rolling hills, bush tracks, wide open spaces, patterns in the sand, the dappled light of the forest. Couples strolling open beaches and sunny leafy glades. Snowy highlands, rolling hills, moonlit bays, bush shacks, meandering highways and byways.

Sunlit track
Pebbly beach
Winding road
Bush shack
Gippsland hills
Mountain Ash
Wannon Falls
Breadknife NSW
Pastoral scene
Niagra Falls
Melbourne Yarra
Sails at dusk
Desert sands
Grand Canyon
Hot sunset
Foggy forest B
Foggy forest A

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First Published: 2/17/2016

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Caption List:

1. Sunlit track. Sunlit track through the tea tree

2. Couple strolling on misty beach. Young couple strolling on misty beach

3. Patterns in the sand. Water marks left by the trickles of a receding tide

4. Pebbly beach. Abstract view of backlit pebbles along the water's edge

5. Red dirt country road. Dead straight red dirt country road in the outback Northern Territory

6. Couple on seat at beach. Couple on bench seat at beach surrounded by gulls looking out over a brooding sea

7. Riding on a suburban track. Girl riding her bike along a lush and sunny suburban bike track

8. Winding road. Winding bitumin road through dry grass suburb

9. Bush shack. Isolated shack hidden away among the wattles in in the Aussie bush

10. Gippsland hills. Rolling green hills of Gippsland

11. Puffing Billy.. Puffing Billy crossing the highway on the old trestle bridge near Selby

12. Misty beachscape. Sea mist rolling in over Otway Ranges. southern Victoria, Australia

13. Group on beach backlit.. group wandering along the beach in the haze of a late summer's afternoon.

14. Mountain Ash. Tall straight mountain ash lining the highway through Victoria's black spur range

15. Australian winter. Tall gums line the road in the snowy high country of Victoria

16. Three Sisters seen through trees. The Three Sisters, a well known Australian icon seen here from a rare vantage point among the trees.

17. Couple on jetty. Couple walking out on jetty in the early dawn

18. Botanical Gardens Melbourne. Large elm trees silhouetted against the glowing golden autumn sun

19. Blue Lake Mount Gambier wider view. Wide view of the ble lake at Mt Gambier in South Australia showing the intense colour

20. Mt Macedon in autumn. Autumnal scene with trees a variety of colours

21. Port Cambell Australia. Rock formation at Port Cambell, Victoria's Ship Wreck Coast

22. The Organ Pipes. People viewing this well known Victorian geological landmark

23. Swing bridge at Lorne. Swing bridge at Lorne with the steep wooded hills in the background

24. Wannon Falls. Wannon water falls in western Victoria

25. Victorian Arts Centre at night. Night view of the Victorian Arts Centre with the spotlit spire as the central feature

26. Victorian Arts Centre spire. Melbourne Arts Centre Spire amid relections

27. St. Columba Falls. Young boy on the rocks at St. Columba falls in Tasmania

28. Breadknife NSW. Well known landmark, The Bread Knife Warrumbungles National Park

29. King's Canyon. People dwarfed by the towering sides of King's Canyon in the NT

30. Olgas . The Olgas seen in a moody gloomy atmosphere

31. Olgas close view. Close view of some of the bulbous rockshapes of the Olgas

32. Uluru. Uluru glowing bright orange in the afternoon sun

33. Stalectites. Stalectites in the Margaret Rose caves in South Australia

34. Rainbow across the paddocks. Rainbow stark against a stormy sky as the landscape struggles toward spring

35. Road through forest. Highway through tall mountain ash trees in eastern Victoria

36. Pastoral scene. Sheep graze quietly in the misty landscape of Gippsland

37. Aerial view of river. clear indication of how rivers meander and serpentine in flat country

38. Sydney PO Tower in lightning storm. Sydney Post Office tower in lightning storm

39. Sydney Bridge & Opera House closer view. Sydney Harbour bridge and opera house at night seen across the water

40. Trestle bridge. Railway trestle bridge at Kilkunda

41. Teenager in her room. Teenager surrounded by her pop idols

42. Niagra Falls. Niagra falls thundering below a gloomy sky

43. Melbourne Yarra. Couple strolling along the Yarra bank on a quiet peaceful day

44. Flinders Street Station at night. Festival lights show up the station to its romantic best

45. Buildings reflecting in the Yarra. Early morning view of Melbourne reflecting in the Yarra

46. Sydney Opera House & Bridge at night. Night view of the two Sydney icons

47. Rowing on the Yarra. Couple rowing seen thru the lush bush

48. Melbourne Docklands. Melbourne docklands seen under a swirling blue sky

49. Derwent River Bridge. Derwnt river bridge in brooding light

50. Sails at dusk. A man walks his dog in the warm orange glow reflects in the shallows at the beach at the end of the day

51. Western district colour. Capeweed fill the paddocks of a western district property creating a yellow foreground to the distant blue hazed hills

52. Family at beach at sunset. Silhouetted family watch the sun go down after a day at the beach

53. Desert sands. Ripples in the sand shimmer under the glowing sun

54. Fireworks over the Yarra. Melbourne at night with the art centre glowing

55. Foggy Yarra scene. Cyclist rides alongside a misty Yarra as the city looms from the clouds

56. Sphinx. One of the best known historic sites is the Sphinx at Cairo

57. Collosseum interior. Interior of the Roman Collosseum

58. Rural England. Packhorse Bridge near Allenford is as charming as rural England gets

59. Mount St Michael Cornwall. The English connection as the counterpart to San Michelle in France

60. Old roman bridge. Old roman bridge near Wiltshire

61. Empty freeway. Melbourne's eastern freeway in non peak times

62. Wet Street at Night in Europe. Eerie cold and damp night scene in eastern European city

63. Scalloped tidal markings on beach. Aftermath of bushfires in the form of the scallopped ash tidal deposits on beach

64. Grand Canyon B. Grand Canyon in Utah

65. Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon in Utah

66. Horizontal seascape. Beautiful seascape with the emphasis on the horizontal patterns in sea land and sky

67. Young boy in sunlit glade. Young boy on bike resting in the glow of a sunlit glade on the edge of a forest

68. City light abstract. Flinders St Station and traffic at night with the camera zooming in to create a light extrviganzer

69. Kangaroo Island Rocks. Huge boulder split in half by the forces of nature

70. Ivied wall with window. Old classical building covered with ivy with a single open window

71. Passage through the Olgas. Close view of a passage through the rocky mounds of the Olgas

72. Seascape glow at dusk. A long band of cloud glows pink along the coast at dusk

73. Rocky beachscape with children. Masses of rocks make up the beach scene with kids wandering off in the backgound

74. Panoramic misty coast. Misty coast with a long deserted beach

75. Outback cricketers. Cricketers batting on into the twilight under the looming image of the old windmill

76. Elderly couple at the beach. Elderly couple sharing the beach with a line of seagulls under a dramatic sky

77. Seascape with line of gulls. Line of gulls on beach with highly decorative cloud formation beyond

78. Seascape at night. Looking out over the sea at night with the moon reflected in the still water

79. Sun shining through the clouds. Sun shining through the clouds over the coastal waters

80. Evening sky across the water. Birds flying home to roost across the pink sky of sunset

81. Hot sunset. Hot sunset glowing orange red as the sun has almost disappeared

82. Bushwalking track Mornington. Young couple walking along bush track on the Mornington Penninsular

83. Lush roadside bush. Lush wet rainforest fringe

84. Foggy forest B. Mystical foggy forest

85. Foggy forest A. Mystical opening in a foggy forest

86. Bushwalking track Mornington. Young couple walking along bush track on the Mornington Penninsular

87. Couple wandering in misty landscape. Couple and their dog wandering across the grasslands with misty hills in the background

88. Boys saltwater fishing. Silhouette of a gang of boys at the end of a days saltwater fishing

89. Old shack in the bush. Secluded old shack among the sunlit wattles on the edge of the forest