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Every person is unique and that fact is clearly demonstrated in this group. Oldies, kids, couples, life histories, people at work painting, dancing, sifting for food in the river, relating to each other, mixing the generations

Scowling man
Singer at mike
Neck X-ray
A Bad night
Palm Sunday
Peace rally
Woman's eyes
Sports crowd
Beach crowd

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First Published: 2/21/2016

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Caption List:

1. Scowling man. Close-up of man's scowling face looking at the camera

2. Couple in restaurant. Happy couple in restaurant in daylight

3. Painter seen through window blind. Painter at easel seen through fine slats of window blind creating a textured image

4. Life of a girl. Composite of many images from a girl's life showing her experiences and relationships

5. Portrait of a boy. Collage of images from a boy's life showing various experiences and relationships

6. Mother and child. Stark and slightly mysterious grainy portrait of a mother and young child

7. Violinist. delicate and etherial image of violinist in misty vignette

8. Ballet dancers pas de deux. Ballet dancers performing a pas de deux on stage with a stormy sky background

9. Elderly woman holding baby. Very old woman in apron holding baby face to face.

10. Singer at mike. Close view of singer at microphone

11. Aboriginal woman searching for food. Aboriginal woman searching in river

12. Shady character. Multiple views of the one girl peeping over her shades

13. Portrait of a woman in pink. Woman in pink on a black background

14. Neck X-ray. X-ray of human neck clearly showing vertibrae

15. A Bad night. Young person wrapped in sheets after a night of tossing and turning

16. Bowlers in action.jpg,. Male and female bowlers competing on the green

17. Country tennis match.. Crowd of five watching a country tennis match in the middle of nowhere

18. Group of females relaxing at beach.. group of girls reflected in the wet sand as they relax at the beach

19. Beach wanderer on patterned sand. close view of carefree feet wandering along the patterned sand beside the shallows

20. Wedding day blues. Bride in all her finery seated alone and pondering the future

21. Footy. AFL footy with a mark being taken in the goal square

22. Flag waver at the MCG. Silhoette of a flag waver at the footy up in the stands at the MCG

23. Window Shopping. Couple of shoppers reflected in an antique mirror as they browse in a shop window

24. Happy couple in resteurant. Happy young couple holding hands and chatting

25. Two girls in the pub. Two girls inthe pub with two older women in the background

26. Lovers' hands. Slightly desperate emotion sensed in the tightly gripped hands of a loving couple

27. Lie detector test. Man rigged up to take a lie detector test

28. Packed beach at Elwood. Packed beach showing the crowd filling every available spot

29. Keeping an eye on the dragon. Fashion jewellery at its punk best. A dragon bracelet in solid silver

30. Palm Sunday. Group parading through country town with banners,palms and donkey. Re-enactment of Christ's entry into Jerusalem.

31. Police at work at night. Night scne of police at workin the docks area

32. Spunky woman . Spunky young woman leaning chin on hands

33. Businessman cheering wildly. Businessman with briefcase cheering wildly

34. Hand holding champagne glass. Woman's hand holding a champagne glass of orange juice

35. Your order madam. Waiter takes woman's order in restaurant

36. Footy Crowd at Swans match. Crowd of avid Swans fans enjoying the match

37. Family at beach at sunset. Silhouetted family watch the sun go down after a day at the beach

38. Showtime. Colourful scene at the show

39. Couple at outdoor cafe. Harrison Ford and friend snack at an outdoor cafe in Melbourne

40. Buying friut and veggies. Woman stretches over to receive her purchase of fruit and veggies at the market

41. Waiter takes a woman's order. Waiter pays close attention as a woman gives her order

42. Waiter takes a family's order. Waiter takes a family's order in a restaurant

43. Vietnamese gathering. Group of Vietnamese gathered round the table for a meal

44. Peace rally. Peace rally in Melbourne with crowd amid their banners

45. Army graduates celebrating. Throwing their caps in the air is a traditional way of celebrating the completion of army officers training

46. Faces in the crowd. A line of faces in a crowd all concentrating on a common subject

47. Girl helping youngster on waterslide. Girl supports younger boy as they whiz down the waterslide

48. Teenagers sitting around. Group of wholesome looking teenagers sitting around in a back suburban lane

49. Office discussion. Four office workers discussing something in the files

50. Serving the oldies. The elderly citizens enjoy the service of a couple of young volunteers

51. Young woman in supermarket. Young woman checking the particulars of a product on the shelf of her supermarket

52. Crowd of mini Maos. Crowd, most of whom are dressed in the accepted fashion of the time, applauding at a ralley in China in the 1960s

53. Chinese stringed orchestra. Traditional stringed instruments being played by an orchestra in China in the 1960s

54. Chinese nationalist theatre. Chinese nationalist theatre performing heroic propaganda themes

55. Outback cricketers. Cricketers batting on into the twilight under the looming image of the old windmill

56. Pensive young girl. Pensive young girl in glasses

57. Rock group of the 70s. Rock group of the seventies poster shot

58. Woman's eyes. Woman's tired eyes showing the redness of strain

59. fingers resting on arm. close view of fingers resting on her arm

60. Roadworking gang digging up tram tracks. Roadworking gang digging up tram tracks back in the 1950's

61. Woman peering from hotel window. Woman seen peering through the venetian blinds of a dingy hotel window

62. Building inspector discussing with architect. Architect outside her new building in discussion with building inspector

63. Young artist at work. Female art student at work on a portrait at her desk

64. Scientist in lab. Female scientist in lab testing chemicals

65. Ironing out thar nasty cellulite. Woman about to try to iron out cellulite literally

66. Sports crowd. Crowded sporting arena as the football fans fill all available space

67. Beach crowd. Crowded beach at high summer, bodies galore