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What is a landscape without a sky? Blue skies, thunderous gloom, bushfire haze, signs of rain, cloud carpet from above, brilliant rainbows and sunsets, fireworks and dust. Cumulus, stratus, cirrus and all the combinations. Amazing colours, patterns & textures.

Streaky clouds
Inky sky
Mood indigo
Desert sky
Cloud bands
Whispy clouds
Hot sunset

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Photo Count: 31

First Published: 3/2/2016

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Caption List:

1. Sun in smokey sky. Weak yellow sun seen through orange smokey haze

2. Streaky clouds. Dramatic view of cumulus clouds and streaky extensions

3. Clouds from above. View of billowing cloudtops from above

4. Inky sky. Dark brooding sky about to deliver a downpour

5. Cloud inversion. Unusual feature of a stormy cloud inversion showing the bulbous shapes which are usually on the top of the cloud form

6. Mood indigo. Fading light of day as the whispy clouds soak up the purple pink colour of the setting sun

7. Rainbow. Close detailed view of a rainbow against a purple sky

8. Sky of the long white cloud. long flat band of cumulus cloud at sunset

9. Desert sky. Puffy white clouds with a blue sky and cirrus clouds in the background

10. Bright cloudy sky. Crisp white billowing cumuls clouds boil below a bright blue sky

11. Dramatic sunset.. There are sunsets every day but some are more spectacular than others

12. Cute cumulus clouds. Row of strange puffy mini cumulus clouds

13. Fireworks. Bursting sky rocket with streams of light

14. Cloud bands. Bands of cirrus clouds in dark blue sky

15. Whispy clouds. Blue sky with whispy clouds

16. Cumulus clouds billowing. Billowing cumulus clouds at sunset

17. Dust clouds over Melbourne. Sky filled by immense dust storm as it blots out the background of city buildings

18. Sunset. Dramatic sunset with clouds glowing brilliant orange

19. Stormy sky with boiling grey clouds. area of light breaking through the boiling grey storm clouds

20. Suburban sunset. Dramatic sunset over inner suburban Melbourne

21. City at night with rainbow. Bright sky over city at night with the added attraction of a rainbow

22. Sydney PO Tower in lightning storm. Sydney Post Office tower in lightning storm

23. Dramatic sunset. Hot sky showing the red orange clouds of a summer sunset

24. Brutally hot desert. The sun blazes through the smokey haze of a harsh desert environment

25. Approaching storm. Black sky looms over the city

26. Horizontal seascape. Beautiful seascape with the emphasis on the horizontal patterns in sea land and sky

27. Outback cricketers. Cricketers batting on into the twilight under the looming image of the old windmill

28. Hot sunset. Hot sunset glowing orange red as the sun has almost disappeared

29. Evening sky across the water. Birds flying home to roost across the pink sky of sunset

30. Sun shining through the clouds. Sun shining through the clouds over the coastal waters

31. Seascape with line of gulls. Line of gulls on beach with highly decorative cloud formation beyond