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Two-up croupier
Sprained ankle
Washing dishes
Legal regalia
Backyard chores
Singer at mike
Rubber Gloves
Whaling station
Washing dishes
Gone a
The Vic Market
Timber worker
Police at work
Wood lathe
Hay baling
Burning off
Clay modelling
Sailors aloft
Army training
Comparing notes
Cattle muster
Boy studying
Boy in overalls
Boy painting

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First Published: 20160118

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Caption List:

1. Two-up croupier. Two-up croupier about to toss the coins

2. Farmhand feeding geese. Asian farmhand feeding geese whilst goat looks on

3. Naked Civil Servant. Office worker apparently only in hat and briefcase reading paper on park bench

4. Union rally speaker. Highly animated speaker at union rally

5. Road grading machine.. Large road grading vehicle trundling along through the dust

6. Sprained ankle. Cold pack being applied to injured ankle

7. Washing dishes. Young couple washing dishes

8. Legal regalia. Legal items including wig,books, watch

9. Union speaker at rally. Animated union speaker at rally in city

10. Woman making cuppas. Exterior shot of woman with toast in mouth making 7 cups of tea for the brood

11. Backyard chores. Young girl raking up garden waste beside smoldering fire

12. Singer at mike. Close view of singer at microphone

13. Aboriginal woman searching for food. Aboriginal woman searching in river

14. Checking circuitry. Workman checking the circuitry of an old computer

15. Linesman at work. Linesman up pole tending to electrical wires

16. Dredger. Dredging ship passing under the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne

17. Old farmer's hand. Old farmers gnarled rugged hand resting on a fence post giving a clear indication of its history

18. Fishmonger at the market. Woman adding fish to the scales at the Vic Market

19. Rubber Gloves. Rubber gloves on the rack.

20. Lie detector test. Man rigged up to take a lie detector test

21. Whaling station. Whaling station in Albany WA in the 1960s

22. Churned up mud with tyre tracks . Old timber mill with a churned up muddy foreground a maze of tyre tracks

23. City traffic jam . Traffic jam in a Melbourne stree in the 1980s

24. Irrigating a lettuce crop. Rows of lettuces in a Victorian market garden being watered

25. Engine room on ship.. Modern ship's engine room showing all the sophisticated controls

26. Breakfast steaming in the morning light.jpg,. woman handing steaming cup to husband at the breakfast table backlit by the morning light through the window

27. Farmer ploughing the vegie patch. Farmer ploughing the home paddock alongside the vegie patch

28. Busy as a bee. Close view of bees working busily on their honeycomb

29. Washing on the line. An abstract pattern of shadows of pegged clothing seen through the sheets on the hoist

30. Motherhood. Mum in her night clothes grabs a quick cup of coffee in between feeding the bub and all the other chores involved in raising a young family

31. least I think he is. It's often difficult to tell with the ear phones on whether it's study or not

32. A woman's work. Who said teenage boys never clean their bedrooms? A pain of death some do occasionally. Mum helps in the background

33. A load of old cobblers?. Shoe repairer at work surrounded by his clients' shoes

34. Symbol of work. Certainly a symbol of housework - rubber glove sculpture on the back of the kitchen door

35. Kindergarten. Youngsters sitting out in the sun playing with their favourite plastic toys

36. Bathing the dog. Young girl in the back yard washing her dog

37. Checking the prices. Young woman checking prices in the supermarket

38. Washing dishes. Young couple washing dishes

39. Sheepdog at work. Sheep dog driving a herd of sheep through a grassy paddock

40. Aboriginal woman searching for food. Aboriginal woman searching in river

41. Aboriginal hand holding stone spearhead. Aboriginal hand holding stone spearhead.jpg

42. Gone a. Rear view of cattle being driven along sunlit country road with hazy blue hills in the background

43. The Vic Market. Customers buying fruit at the vic Market with stallholder reaching out for money

44. Sheepdog watching the flock. Sheepdog follows the flock while remaining ready to react to the first wrong move

45. Sheepdogs at work. One watches as the other dog sets off to head the mob off

46. Timber worker . Timber worker attempting to shift huge logs with a crow bar

47. Police at work at night. Night scne of police at workin the docks area

48. Police at work. Night scene of police being directed by a witness to the scene of the crime

49. Wood lathe. Wood lathe in operation at outdoor display

50. Carpenters hand tools. Pile of carpentry tools lying on the benchtop

51. Three employees . Three employees of a large company each with quite distinct roles

52. Three workers. Portrait of three workers in various apparel applicable to their roles

53. White & blue collar workers together. The butcher, the mechanic and the company director all smile for the camera

54. Oil rig and supply ship. Aerial view of oil rig and supply ship

55. Fortune teller at work. Reading palms at the school fete can be a load of fun or deadly serious

56. Office worker taking a breather. Female office worker sits exhausted in her chair

57. Proud owner builder. Builder of his own mud brick house he stands proudly amid his work

58. Flautist group. Group of flute players seen in close-up

59. Clarinet player side on. Side on view of a clarinetist

60. Clainettist . Very close view of a clarinet player

61. Cellist. Close up view of cellist passing the bow across the strings

62. Customs official stamping paper. Customs official in her office stamping someones papers

63. Customs official. Customs official at work in her office

64. Teenager doing homework. Teenager looks dejected as she sits with earphones on which may or may not relate to her homework set out in front of her. Mum works on in the background

65. Tired Mum at clothesline. Mum slumped in a chair as she sits among her washing on the line

66. Bee working on blossom. Bee working on a bright yellow flower

67. Homework. Student, with headphones, doing homework in family room with Mum doing the ironing in the background.

68. Paperboy taking money. Paperboy taking money from customer

69. Paperboy. Paperboy on city corner

70. Communication cllage. Collage of various aspects of communication

71. Farmer ploughing. Farmer ploughs his ground in preparation of another season

72. Farmer at work. Mending the windmill is just one of the miriad chores in a farmers year

73. Hay baling. Farmers out in the paddock baling the hay

74. Mending the windmill. Farmer mends the windmill as his kids give their support

75. Burning off. Farmer burns off the stubble in his paddock

76. House building out in the suburbs. Builder checks the house frame before it is lifted into place

77. House builder on roof. Seen through the rafters a builder works on a new house

78. Carpenter at work. Carpenter working on a house frame

79. Builder working on roof. Builder places the tiles into plac e on the roof of a new house

80. Woman interviewing politician for TV news. Television crew organize themselves as the front man (woman) starts her interview

81. Sidewalk interview. News team interview a politician

82. TV interview at rally. Politician being interviewed in the street during a demonstration

83. Interviewing old lady. Old lady in wheelchair being interviewed for television

84. Digging for frogs. Aboriginal women dig in the sand for frogs to eat

85. Aboriginal Woman Collecting food. Australian Aboriginal woman collects food from the local river

86. Cellist. Close view of a cellist's bow working the strings

87. Clay modelling. Young teenager enjoys the challenge of clay modelling

88. Seascouts on the loose. Group of seascouts head off across the lawns

89. Servants in waiting. Maid and butler wait patiently for their instructions

90. Truck assembly line. Mass production is alive and healthy in this truck factory

91. Computer graphic artist at work. Computer graphic artist at work employing both the old and the new materials of her trade

92. Steel foundery. Heat and golden light emerge from the shadows within the foundery

93. Painter's palette. Artist's palette a mass of gaudy colour and texture

94. Painter at work on a portrait. Charles Bush at work on a portrait in his studio

95. Charles Bush in his studio. Artist Charles Bush at work in his studio in North Melbourne

96. Graphic artist at computer. Graphic artist at her computer

97. Sign writer at work. View of a sign writer seen through his latest creation

98. Film crane in action. Silhouette of a movie film crane in action

99. Preparing meals for the masses. Inside a large kitchen a chef lays out dozens of plates of food

100. Horticulturist at work. Young horticulturist at work in his lab

101. Juggler in action. Juggler working with four oranges

102. Girl watching science experiment. Young girl watches as the beaker boils in the science lab

103. Women preparing cake display. Extensive range of cakes being displayed for retail

104. Sailors aloft. Men work high up on the mast of a sailing ship

105. Army training. Soldiers climb the nets at field training

106. Two outback welders. Two outback welders at work in the blazing sun

107. Roof tiler at work. Tiler finishes off his roof

108. Blacksmith at work. Smithie at work at the anvil surrounded by the clutter of the blacksmith's shop

109. Orchestra in Dallas Brookes Hall. Orchestra on the stage of the highly decorative Dallas Brookes Hall

110. Cattle dog at work. Cattle dog at work rounding up the cows

111. Beekeeper at work. Apiarist tending his hives out in the paddock

112. Japanese string orchestra . Japanese women performing

113. Japanese string orchestra vertical. Vertical view of Japanese string players

114. Comparing notes. Couple of girl students discussing their topic of study

115. Study group at work. Study group at work on a social issue project

116. Boy at computer in his room. Boy working at his computer in his room surrounded by his research

117. Boy at work in his room. Boy surrounded by his research, works on an essay

118. Scientist experimenting in lab.

119. Scientist in lab. Scientist at microscope in medical lab

120. Cattle muster. Cattle muster in the heat of the afternoon

121. Tending the cooking fire. Aboriginal man tends his cooking fire as he checks the beef on the hot ashes

122. Girl relaxing on mountain of transparencies. Girl lazily examines one of the millions of slides she is lying on

123. It's raining transparencies. Woman sits among her slide collection amid a hail of trannies

124. Road grader in action. Grader at work on an outback road

125. Boy doing homeworkin his room. Boy deep in thought as he works at his desk on his latest homework assignment

126. Aboriginal woman chopping tree. Aboriginal woman chopping at paperbark tree in search of native honey bees known as sugarbag,

127. Construction site. Abstract pattern of construction workers on their site

128. Office discussion. Four office workers discussing something in the files

129. Printing machine worker. Worker checking the progress of the printing oa the pattern on large rolls of material

130. Young woman in supermarket. Young woman checking the particulars of a product on the shelf of her supermarket

131. Boy studying. Teenage boy hard at his homework in his room

132. Children preserving food stuffs. Young boy carefully measures the ingredients of his preserving mixture

133. Children salting vegetables. Young boy is watched by his female classmate as he goes to work preparing to preserve some vegetables

134. Children salting vegetables. Young boy is watched by his female classmate as he goes to work preparing to preserve some vegetables

135. Child with mixing bowl. Child mixing food in a bowl

136. Boat building in Hong Kong. Boat building is an important industry in the Hong Kong of the 1960s

137. Operating theatre in CHINA. Operating theatre in China in the 1960s

138. Bees swarming. Bees swarming on honeycomb

139. Mum and kids in the supermarket. Mum does the buying and the kids do the watching in the supermarket

140. Boy directing police. Night scene of police in the docks area being directed by local boy

141. Boy working at framing table. Young teenage boy works diligently at framing a photograph of himself

142. Boy working at table. Young teenage boy working at drawing a cartoon

143. Kids working in clay. Kids working in clay moulding bowls into which they are impressing shapes and textures

144. Boy working with algebra blocks. Young boy at table working with coloured algebra blocks

145. Boy working at art desk. Young boy at table working on his drawing

146. Building site of the 50's. Monochrome image of men working on a building site in the 1950's

147. Dogman riding crane. Workman riding as dogman on a crane at a building site in the 1950's

148. Workers tools lying on a fence post. Fencers tools seen in close-up with the worker and his ute blurred out in the background

149. Roadworking gang digging up tram tracks. Roadworking gang digging up tram tracks back in the 1950's

150. Crowded make-up room backstage. Hustle and bustle of the crowded dressing room backstage

151. Touching up in the make-up room backstage. Crowded dressing room backstage

152. Boy in overalls. Young boy acting as a mechanic looking a bit the worse for wear

153. Boy using a magnet. Young boy in class working with a magnet attracting paper clips

154. Girl playing with horseshoe magnet and paperclips. Girl playing with horseshoe magnet in the classroom

155. Boy painting large canvas. Young teenager painting a large canvas on table in earthy colours

156. Boy painting. Young teenager painting a large canvas on table with brush and palette in view

157. Building inspector discussing with architect. Architect outside her new building in discussion with building inspector

158. Ros Bandt playing her flagong. Musician Ros Bandt playing her home-made percussion instrument

159. Scientist in lab. Female scientist in lab testing chemicals

160. Young artist at work. Female art student at work on a portrait at her desk

161. Boy painting large canvas. Teenage boy working on large painting

162. Boy holding carreers section of the newspaper. Teenage boy looking anything but pleased about hi future

163. Job centre interview one on one. Young man discussing future employment with a job centre official in a fairly relaxed atmosphere

164. Job centre interview. Young couple discussion future employment with a job centre official in a fairly relaxed atmosphere

165. Doctor interviewing patient. Consulting room where doctor discusses in detail his patient's concerns