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Food shot
Old coins
Silicon chip
Rocker switch
Olde world
Red roses
Red protea
Mirror balls
Study in blue
Crystal nude
Waratah flower
Pink roses
Antique pendant
Emeral ring
Coffee scoop
Green Apples
Pencil pattern
Bush tucker
Golden sandal
Seafood platter

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First Published: 20160625

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Caption List:

1. Food: carbohydrates. Display of foods in the carbohydrate group.

2. Food shot. Display shot of various kinds of biscuits

3. Silverware. Solid silver cuttlery handles displayed on a red background

4. Climbing boots. bright clean new climbing boots complete with crampons

5. Yellow tulips. Yellow tulips seen against a black background

6. remote control. Hand holding remote control device

7. Old coins. Old coins spot lit against a dark background

8. Spray of flowers. floral arrangement on black background

9. Platter of vegetarian food. Platter of vegetables and dip

10. Silicon chip. Tiny silicon chip on a fingertip

11. Rocker switch. finger about to flick a reverse and forward rocker switch

12. Cakes in shop window. Display of extremely yummy cakes in shop window

13. Wine glasses on glow. Advertising display image of wine glasses on mirror in dramatic lighting

14. Early model sewing machine. Early model electric sewing machine

15. Telegraph Machine. Telegraph machine

16. Ball bearing wheel. Advertising image of a high precision mechanical device which depends on ball bearings to function smoothly

17. Old Roman coin.. close up view of old Roman silver coin

18. Red and green peppers.. Strong abstract composition of complementary colours green and red

19. Olde world. Close up view of old coins and pocket watch

20. The sophisticated look. Sophisticated model wearing black pearls

21. Grapes. Fruit stall at the market with the sun picking out the tops of the grapes

22. Red roses. Close view of a bunch of red roses with dew on them

23. My love is like a red red rose. Close view of a red rose covered with dew

24. Red protea. Close view of a red protea flower

25. Mirror balls. Close view of a group of mirror balls reflecting coloured light

26. Study in blue. Lavenda flowers reflecting in textured glass

27. Crystal nude. exoticly beautiful glass nude created by young Australian glass blower Philip Wong

28. Wine glass still life. A range of various crystal glasses with different coloured beverages

29. Gemstones. close view of deliciously coloured gemstones looking good enough to eat

30. Still life with etched crystal glasses containing blue liquid on glowing background.

31. Waratah flower. Red waratah flower and surrounding frill of leaves on black background

32. Pink roses. Bunch of pink roses with water droplets close view

33. Fuschias. Still life of pink fuschia flowers on wet slate with reflection

34. Genteel masculine table setting. Table top still life of genteel masculine items

35. Bottle of blue liquid. Backlit glowing bottle of exotic blue liquid with mottled reflection

36. Carbohydrate foods. Many examples of carbohydrate foods in the one image

37. Butterfly on balls. Butterfly resting on ball bearings with mirror reflection

38. Dice. Red dice showing six on green background

39. Gold scorpion with rubies and sapphires. precious jewellery in the form of a highly decorative scorpion dramaticall presented on black

40. Three rings on slate. Three white gold rings with a variety of stones all on wet slate

41. Keeping an eye on the dragon. Fashion jewellery at its punk best. A dragon bracelet in solid silver

42. Buttons and .... Still life with antique buttons taken on large format and ideal for jigsaw puzzle

43. glass perfume bottle. Made by Michael Hook this intricately blown glass bottle contains a pattern of bubbles and a bold aquamarine colouring

44. Pearls on the rocks. Pearl necklace with diamonds and ruby pendant

45. Antique pendant. Antique gold, diamond and pearl pendant presented on dark red velvet

46. Enamel and pearl necklace. A typical example of the outstanding enamel work of Debbie Sheezel with a tripple string of pearls

47. Emeral ring. Emerald ring designed by Stephens & Miller

48. Vitamin supplements. Display image od vitamin supplements in both liquid and capsule form

49. String of pearls as display. Display of pearls on polished river stones

50. String of pearls. String of pearls emerging almost animal-like from a jewellery box

51. Tassle. Symbol of elegant or perhaps flamboyant wealth

52. Wool ready for use. Baskets of wool dyed and ready for knitting

53. Fashionable matron's shoes. Red suede shoes of the smart expensive kind

54. Classic golf image. Display shot of golf ball on tee in the grass surrounded by exotic glow

55. Golf tee still life. Display image of golf tees on a black background

56. Record turntable. record turntable of the early 70s

57. Stopwatch. Close view of a stop watch on the table

58. Stopwatch in hand. Holding a stopwatch giving a close view of the face

59. Hand holding eggs. Fresh from the nest a farmer examines his morning collection

60. Fruit and veggies. Fresh from the garden the grower proudly presents her wares to her neighbour

61. Champagne toast. Close view of hands holding champagne glasses in a toast

62. Coffee scoop. hand holding a conical coffee scoop

63. Slice of pumpkin. Sculptural image of a slice of pumkin boldly sunlit at the outdoor market

64. Onions en masse. Stack of brown onions glow in the sun at the outdoor market

65. Purple grapes en masse. Purple grapes stacked to to be sold at the market

66. Vegetable market abstract. Sculptural view of pumpkin pieces stacked for sale at the market

67. Yellow capsicum slice. Crisp, sharp, bright slice of yellow capsicum

68. Red chillie slice. Brilliant red with black seeds a slice of red chillie gleams against its white background

69. Yellow capsicums. Good enough to eat you might say of this sumptuous display of luscious yellow capsicums

70. Red and yellow chillies. Red chillies and yellow capsicums make a fabulous display on a light box

71. Red and green chillie slices. Red and green chillie slices on a light box

72. Red black chillie halves. Red black chillie halves on a light box

73. Red black chillie slices. Slices of red black chillies on a light box

74. Robots on view at the local show. People view the latest in robotics

75. Women preparing cake display. Extensive range of cakes being displayed for retail

76. Green beaded handbag. Green beaded handbag with necklace

77. Green leather handbag. Green leather handbag plus accessories

78. Handbag with tassell. Handbag with tassell plus accessories

79. Light beaded handbag. Light beaded handbag with accessories

80. Black beaded handbag. Black beaded handbag with accessories

81. White patterned handbag. White paterned handbag and accessories

82. White leather handbag. White leather handbag and accessories

83. Handbag with diamontes. Handbag with diamontes

84. Lime green handbag. Lime green handbag with jewellery

85. Aboriginal handbag B. Aboriginal art in the form of a decorative handbag

86. Aboriginal handbag. Aboriginal handbag from Northern Australia

87. Handbag with diamontes. Handbag with diamontes plus accessories

88. Green Apples. Granny Smith apples glisten in the morning market sun

89. Wine glasses aglow. Wine glasses set against a glowing background ideal for use as a jigsaw puzzle

90. Wine glass still life. Wine glass pattern set on a glowing blue background ideal for a jigsaw puzzle

91. Pins and paperclips. Colourful pattern of pins and clips ideal for use as a jigsaw puzzle

92. Pencil pattern. Colourful pattern of pencils ideal for use as jigsaw puzzle

93. Standard lamp being swithched on B. aerial view of standard lamp being turned on

94. Standard lamp being switched on. aerial view of standard lamp being switched on

95. Chopsticks holding single rice grain. Hand holding chopsticks and picking out a single grain of rice

96. Icecream cone in hand. Icecream cone in hand against a colourful background

97. More bush tucker. Wild nuts and bush passionfruit held in the hands of an aboriginal child

98. Bush tucker. Hands holding bush nuts collected for a feast

99. Daffodils on green glow. A pair of doffodils reflecting on a green glow

100. Green wheat field. Green immature wheat crop waving in the gentle breeze

101. . Mirror ball display reflecting light and colour

102. Pink lilium on textured glass. Pink lilium glowing and reflecting in textured glass

103. Scent bottle glowing magenta. Still life of a bottle of magenta fluid glowing and reflecting in the textured glass below

104. Golden sandal. Still life of a stylish golden sandal with pearls reflected in black shiny surface

105. Bottle of yellow scent. Bottle of yellow scent shot as a still life on textured glass with reflection and glowing backlight

106. Scent bottle still life. still life of a scent bottle reflecting in textured glass on a glowing background

107. Fruit, flowers and cheese. Fruit, flowers and cheese stand out in a bright glowing fashion against a muted backgound

108. Children with table loaded with shopping. Three children excitedly going through the recently purchased food now spread out on the table

109. Jewellery still life. Orange pendant displayed on yellow capsicum

110. Champagne toast. Close view of hands holding champagne glasses in a toast

111. Pumpkin seeds close view. Close up view of the seeds of a sliced butternut pumpkin

112. Seafood platter. Sumptuous seafood platter with champagne on restaurant table

113. Still life of wine with nibbles. Sophisticated snack consisting of liqueur with biscuits and cheese in a nice warm glow

114. Old Australian coins. Close view of various old Australian coins including sovereigns

115. Australian coins. Close view of Australian decimal coins

116. Granny Smith apple. close up view of crisp green granny smith apple with water droplets on clean white background

117. White wall telephone of the 70's. White wall telephone of the 1970's era seen in clear close view

118. Red telephone of the 70's. Red handphone of the 1970's era

119. Old wooden telephone of the early 1900's. Old wooden wall telephone of the 1910 era

120. Green telephone of the '50's. Green telephone of the 50's seen in clear close view

121. Cream telephone of the '40's. Cream telephone of the 40's seen in clear close view