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Emeral ring
Antique pendant
Dragon bracelet
Crystal slice

Jewellery Details

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First Published: 20160625

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Caption List:

1. The sophisticated look. Sophisticated model wearing black pearls

2. Emeral ring. Emerald ring designed by Stephens & Miller

3. String of pearls as display. Display of pearls on polished river stones

4. Antique pendant. Antique gold, diamond and pearl pendant presented on dark red velvet

5. Enamel and pearl necklace. A typical example of the outstanding enamel work of Debbie Sheezel with a tripple string of pearls

6. Three rings on slate. Three white gold rings with a variety of stones all on wet slate

7. Woman with jewellery. Blond woman portrait wearing jewellery

8. Vamp showing off her rings. Close up of model as she burns her gaze into the camera

9. Dragon bracelet. Dragon bracelet in silver on dramatic reflective surface

10. Lime green handbag. Lime green handbag with jewellery

11. White leather handbag. White leather handbag and accessories

12. White patterned handbag. White paterned handbag and accessories

13. Black beaded handbag. Black beaded handbag with accessories

14. Handbag with beading. Handbag with beading plus accessories

15. Green leather handbag. Green leather handbag plus accessories

16. Green beaded handbag. Green beaded handbag with necklace

17. Handbag with diamontes. Handbag with diamontes plus accessories

18. Jewellery still life. Orange pendant displayed on yellow capsicum

19. Crystal slice. Colours, shapes. patterns and textures of a slice through a piece of crystalized rock

20. Punk mouth sporting a decorative safety pin. Close view of a punk's mouth with a safety pin through the lip decorated with beads