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Antique pendant
Paddle steamer
Old coins
Olde world
Australian icon
Cobbled lane
Paddle steamer
Kettle on stove

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First Published: 20160625

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Caption List:

1. Swing dancers at the prom. Couple really getting into their swing dancing as the wallflowers look on

2. Derelict house window. A haunting image of days gone by

3. Lady of the mnor and servant. The lady of the manor and maid discuss details of the up and coming garden party

4. Ladies and lace. Women dressed in Edwardian costume

5. Summit conference for one. Climber sitting proudly on the peak of a rocky hill

6. Old man in his shed. Old man working in his cluttered workshop surrounded by his past

7. Church window in autumn. Church window surrounded by coloured leaves

8. Antique pendant. Antique gold, diamond and pearl pendant presented on dark red velvet

9. Fishmonger at the market. Woman adding fish to the scales at the Vic Market

10. Paddle steamer. Paddle steamer on the Murray River Victoria/New South Wales border

11. Old soldier at Anzac day parade. Old digger in full rig sits in a chair awaiting the parade

12. Pop festival characters. Characters at the Sunbury pop festival looking very much part of the seventies

13. The back room. Old statuette amid the debris of the past

14. Stalectites. Stalectites in the Margaret Rose caves in South Australia

15. Grandma's birthday. Gran and the grandchildren celebrating by lighting the candles on the cake

16. Old prefab building. Historic prefabricated corrugated iron building transported to Melbourne from England in the 1800s

17. Genteel lady's table . Morning tea for the aristocratic woman

18. Old coins. Old coins spot lit against a dark background

19. Old lady deep in thought. Very old lady deep in thought as she stares into space remembering days gone by.

20. Window Shopping. Couple of shoppers reflected in an antique mirror as they browse in a shop window

21. Chest of medals. Close view of old serviceman's medals worn proudly on his chest

22. Telegraph Machine. Telegraph machine

23. Old rusted machinery in farm paddock. Old discarded farm machinery stranded in the waving dry grass of a summer paddock

24. Tattered Poster.. Brilliantly coloured layers of tattered posters

25. Graffiti on rocks near Stawell. Desecration of beautiful natural landscape by those with more passion than sense

26. Olde world. Close up view of old coins and pocket watch

27. Winery storage barrels. Dingy storage room at winery containing large containing barrels

28. Fossilized trilobites. close view of fossilized trilobites

29. Slums and highrise flats. Inner suburbia with slums in the foreground and highrise flats forming the background

30. Margaret Thatcher poster: blood in the streets. Tattered posters revealing the unfortunate image of Margaret Thatcher with a red streak flooding from her mouth

31. Old rusted petrol bowser. An ancient petrol bowser brilliant in its rust

32. Australian icon. Old fx model Holden in back lane

33. Child viewing old painting. Young boy in shorts and T shirt viewing painting of 18th century wigged gentlemen

34. Cobbled lane. Cobbled lane looking dingy and uninviting

35. Old cluttered factory. Dingy, crowded, cluttered old factory

36. Carlton Beer poster. Century old beer poster

37. Pears Christmas card. Pear's soap christmas card of boy playing cricket

38. Mainzer beer poster. Smiling barmaid delivers on an Mainzer beer poster

39. Old wartime orange juice poster. Old war time advertising poster

40. Australian advertising collage. Tattered posters showing a little of the history of advertising in Australia

41. Skipping girl neon sign. Famous Melbourne icon, the skipping girl shone over Melbourne for many years

42. Overview of Australian drinking habits. Poster made up of the various ways in which Aussies have quenched their thirst over the years

43. Sphinx. One of the best known historic sites is the Sphinx at Cairo

44. Trio from the swing era. Three girls in the garb of the swing era perform in the spotlight before the classic old microphone

45. Collosseum interior. Interior of the Roman Collosseum

46. Rural England. Packhorse Bridge near Allenford is as charming as rural England gets

47. Mount St Michael Cornwall. The English connection as the counterpart to San Michelle in France

48. A lady and her maid converse. An exasperated lady tolerates her maid, but only just

49. Blacksmith at work. Smithie at work at the anvil surrounded by the clutter of the blacksmith's shop

50. Blacksmith at work. Smithie at work at the anvil surrounded by the clutter of the blacksmith's shop

51. Aboriginal handbag B. Aboriginal art in the form of a decorative handbag

52. Aboriginal handbag. Aboriginal handbag from Northern Australia

53. Old roman bridge. Old roman bridge near Wiltshire

54. New Guinea warriors. Three proud warriors in traditional dress in the New Guinea highlands

55. Japanese string orchestra vertical. Vertical view of Japanese string players

56. Japanese string orchestra wider view. Wider view of Japanese string players in hall

57. Glacier. Tourists rug up against the cold of an ancient glacier

58. Melbourne in the 1950's. Back lane in Fitzroy in the 1950's

59. The slide show from Hell. An apparently benign couple settle you in for night of slide viewing...millions of them.

60. Old and new bridges in Melbourne. An old crumbling wreck of a wooden bridge in the foreground makes a stark contrast to the Westgate Bridge behind it

61. Building site of the 50's. Monochrome image of men working on a building site in the 1950's

62. Dogman riding crane. Workman riding as dogman on a crane at a building site in the 1950's

63. Old man looking at his old photograph as a young man. Old man thinking back as he views his photographic portrait as a young World War I soldier

64. Workers tools lying on a fence post. Fencers tools seen in close-up with the worker and his ute blurred out in the background

65. Roadworking gang digging up tram tracks. Roadworking gang digging up tram tracks back in the 1950's

66. Old Australian coins. Close view of various old Australian coins including sovereigns

67. Old seadog using sextant. Old 'seadog' using a ship's sextant

68. Telegraph Machine. Telegraph machine

69. Old cash register. Very old cash register

70. Remote farmhouse. Remote farmhouse with the obligatory windmill

71. Paddle steamer. Paddle steamer on the Murray River Victoria/New South Wales border

72. Kettle on stove. old blakened kettle on old wood stove

73. Old wooden telephone of the early 1900's. Old wooden wall telephone of the 1910 era

74. Green telephone of the '50's. Green telephone of the 50's seen in clear close view

75. Cream telephone of the '40's. Cream telephone of the 40's seen in clear close view

76. Penny farthing bicycle. Man in appropriate gear rides his penny farthing bike

77. Old Holden in back lane. Closer view of old red FX Holden in back lane

78. Melbourne in the 1950's. Back lane in Fitzroy in the 1950's

79. Farm scene with old cart. Typical dry grass country with old broken down cart under large gum

80. Cow and old rusted car in paddock. A hint of days gone by as a cow wanders through a paddock which was once perhaps the site of a homestead

81. Puffing Billy.. Puffing Billy crossing the highway on the old trestle bridge near Selby