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Peace rally
Comparing notes
Alien dancer
Clown dancing
Mare with foal
String puppets
String puppet C
String puppet A

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First Published: 20160625

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Caption List:

1. Woman interviewing politician for TV news. Television crew organize themselves as the front man (woman) starts her interview

2. Sidewalk interview. News team interview a politician

3. TV interview at rally. Politician being interviewed in the street during a demonstration

4. Interviewing old lady. Old lady in wheelchair being interviewed for television

5. A chat on the back step. Two old codgers chew the fat as they sit in a shady spot

6. Waiter takes a woman's order. Waiter pays close attention as a woman gives her order

7. Waiter takes a family's order. Waiter takes a family's order in a restaurant

8. Overview of Australian drinking habits. Poster made up of the various ways in which Aussies have quenched their thirst over the years

9. Despairing couple. Couple in a Greek tragedy support each other in their grief

10. Peace rally. Peace rally in Melbourne with crowd amid their banners

11. A guiding Hand. Teacher guides the small hands of a student potter at the wheel

12. Painter at work on a portrait. Charles Bush at work on a portrait in his studio

13. Charles Bush in his studio. Artist Charles Bush at work in his studio in North Melbourne

14. Computer artist at work. Computer graphic artist at work in her studio

15. Film crane in action. Silhouette of a movie film crane in action

16. Inspirational speaker. Speaker performs on stage as his image is projected on a screen behind him

17. Person switching on lamp. person in armchair reading newspaper switching on standard lamp

18. Comparing notes. Couple of girl students discussing their topic of study

19. Dancing hands. Hands gently and sensitively move to the music

20. Costumed dance chorus. Composition of faces and waving arms of the swaying chorus

21. Alien dancer. Exotic headgear conveys the mystical and alien character of this dancer as he flits across the stage

22. Ballerina leaping. Ballerina in exotic white fluffy costume leaping

23. White masked ballet dancer. Dancer in exotic fluffy white costume dancing on her toe

24. Clown dancing. Tina the clown performs her most serious routine...that is she takes it very seriously

25. Girl at letterbox. Thoughtful girl at letterbox having received that important letter from....

26. Boy directing police. Night scene of police in the docks area being directed by local boy

27. Mother and son in boy's room. Mother and son sharing a book in his bedroom

28. Breastfeeding poster. Black and white image of child watching his baby sister being fed at the breast

29. Girl walking past billboards. Billboards on urban street with girl walking past.

30. Body painting montage. Series of images of various aspects of body painting

31. Juggler with people cubes. Image representing the concept of people skills as in the management of human resources

32. Children in play shop at school. Children playing at shopping at primary school

33. Choice of direction D. High angle view of man seated on giant rubix cube surrounded by arrows giving him a choice of directions in his life

34. Choice of direction C. Low angle view of raised highway with road sign indicating various routes to one's destiny

35. Mare with foal. Mare with nuzzling foal out in the paddock

36. Tattered posters in the afternoon. Tattered billboard posters showing a history of past concert events

37. Building inspector discussing with architect. Architect outside her new building in discussion with building inspector

38. Ros Bandt playing her flagong. Musician Ros Bandt playing her home-made percussion instrument

39. Young artist at work. Female art student at work on a portrait at her desk

40. Boy holding carreers section of the newspaper. Teenage boy looking anything but pleased about hi future

41. Girl reading newspaper. Close view of teenage girl holding a newspaper open at the employment section

42. Girl reading large book. Close view of teenage girl holding a large coffee table book

43. White wall telephone of the 70's. White wall telephone of the 1970's era seen in clear close view

44. Cream telephone of the '40's. Cream telephone of the 40's seen in clear close view

45. Green telephone of the '50's. Green telephone of the 50's seen in clear close view

46. Old wooden telephone of the early 1900's. Old wooden wall telephone of the 1910 era

47. Aboriginal children with their faces painted. Aboriginal kids with their bodies painted up excited about the upcoming corroborree

48. Aboriginal girl having her face painted. Aboriginal girl having her face painted prior to a corroboree

49. Girl with cerebral palsy looking through her scrapbook. Young girl with cerebral palsy looking through her scrap book

50. Girl with cerebral palsy with drum kit. Young girl with cerebral palsy putting Ringo Starr to shame with her style and technique on the drums

51. Blind boy playing piano. Young blind boy having a whale of a time at the piano with his family

52. Red traffic light on wet city lane. Night view of the dramatic lighting effect of a red traffic light reflecting in the cobblestones of a wet city laneway

53. String puppetin suitcase with baby. Marianette puppet with young child sitting in suitcase

54. String puppets. Two Marianette puppets with one watching the other sitting in a suitcase

55. String puppet C. Marianette puppet sitting on the puppeteer's arm

56. String puppet A. Marianette puppet peeking cheekily around from behind the puppeteer's leg