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Melbourne tram
Melbourne Yarra
Beach fun
Outdoor cafe
neon signs
Gippsland hills
Mountain Ash
Footy crowd
Crowded beach
Wedding Couple
The Vic Market
City skyline
Bathing boxes
Cook's Cottage
Mystical pines
Coast road
Gog and Maygog
Foggy forest
Luna Park
Stilt man
Moomba parade
Yellow Peril
The Vault

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Caption List:

1. Shell building Melbourne. Worms eye view of the Melbourne Shell Building

2. St Patricks Cathedral Melbourne. St Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne with reflection in moat

3. St Patricks Cathedral interior Melbourne. Interior of St Patricks Cathredral Melbourne

4. Melbourne skyline hazy. Melbourne towers in the haze reflected in the Yarra in early morning

5. Three ages of Melbourne. City view showing varying shapes indicating varying architectural styles through the city's history

6. Melbourne tram. Tram travelling down Sydney Road in Melbourne

7. Melbourne trams seen through leaves. A couple of trams amid the traffic of a Melbourne street

8. Melbourne Docklands. Melbourne docklands seen under a swirling blue sky

9. Melbourne Art centre. Night view of the Melbourne Arts Centre

10. Melbourne Yarra. Couple strolling along the Yarra bank on a quiet peaceful day

11. Melbourne in the 1950's. Back lane in Fitzroy in the 1950's

12. Old and new bridges in Melbourne. An old crumbling wreck of a wooden bridge in the foreground makes a stark contrast to the Westgate Bridge behind it

13. St. Patrick's Cathedral. St Patricks's Cathedral in Melbourne is one of the world's most impressive neo gothic churches

14. Victorian Arts Centre spire. Melbourne Arts Centre Spire amid relections

15. Ormond College at night. Tower of Ormond College at Melbourne University

16. Fireworks over the Yarra. Melbourne at night with the art centre glowing

17. Skipping girl neon sign. Famous Melbourne icon, the skipping girl shone over Melbourne for many years

18. Chinese dragon at night. Chinese dragon roars in the street at night with the lights blurred out in the background

19. Seascape glow at dusk. A long band of cloud glows pink along the coast at dusk

20. Panoramic misty coast. Misty coast with a long deserted beach

21. Wobbly image of city. City seen through the glass of an old window distorting the image into a wobbly pattern

22. Rowers in sihouette. Couple rowing leisurely and seen in sihouette and reflection

23. Young boy in sunlit glade. Young boy on bike resting in the glow of a sunlit glade on the edge of a forest

24. Horizontal seascape. Beautiful seascape with the emphasis on the horizontal patterns in sea land and sky

25. Lyrebird horizontal. Lyrebird spreads its tail in a typical mating display

26. Lyrebird vertical. Lyrebird in dark forest

27. Koala leaning out. Koala leaning out in the search for greener pastures

28. Young couple in park. Romantic view of a young couple in a park backlit by the late afternoon autumn sun

29. Roos backlit in bush. Roos caught in the early morning sun as they begin their day of grazing

30. Beach fun. Skimming along the shallows

31. Skylarking. Girl teases two sailors in the city

32. Approaching storm. Black sky looms over the city

33. Yabbying. Backlit by the spring sun two boys fish for yabbies at the local pond

34. Skipping girl neon sign. Famous Melbourne icon, the skipping girl shone over Melbourne for many years

35. Foggy Yarra scene. Cyclist rides alongside a misty Yarra as the city looms from the clouds

36. Couple at outdoor cafe. Harrison Ford and friend snack at an outdoor cafe in Melbourne

37. Water skiier in action. Water skiier makes a dramtic turn as a huge spray of water rises into the air

38. Buying friut and veggies. Woman stretches over to receive her purchase of fruit and veggies at the market

39. Ladies off to the Oaks. Two ladies who exude the sort of poshness one needs to operate well at the Oaks

40. Family at beach at sunset. Silhouetted family watch the sun go down after a day at the beach

41. Penguins on parade. Penguins at the Prom walking up the beach at night on the way to their burrows

42. Outdoor cafe. People eating at a relaxed outdoor cafe in a park in Melbourne

43. Man walking through arcade. Man walking through a long arcaded verandah

44. Outdoor cafe patrons. Aerial view of cafe patrons

45. Brushtail possum. Brushtail possum in tree looking down at the viewer

46. Wet night street with light traffic. Lone car travels the wet dark gloomy roadway home

47. Suburban back alley. colourful and texturous back alley which is cold and damp yet strangely enticing

48. Cricket spectator. Ultra relaxed and prepared cricket spectator

49. City at night with rainbow. Bright sky over city at night with the added attraction of a rainbow

50. Road through forest. Highway through tall mountain ash trees in eastern Victoria

51. Church window in autumn. Church window surrounded by coloured leaves

52. Fishmonger at the market. Woman adding fish to the scales at the Vic Market

53. Woman at waterhole. Woman standing pensively by the water in the dim light of the forest

54. Rainbow lorikeet. Lorikeet seen through shrubbery

55. Lush roadside bush. Lush roadside bush in a wet rainforest in the Otways in Victoria

56. Enchanted forest. Lichen covered branches in a mystical pine forest

57. Suburban sunset. Dramatic sunset over inner suburban Melbourne

58. The Organ Pipes. People viewing this well known Victorian geological landmark

59. Swing bridge at Lorne. Swing bridge at Lorne with the steep wooded hills in the background

60. Port Cambell Australia. Rock formation at Port Cambell, Victoria's Ship Wreck Coast

61. Koala. Koala gripping trunk as it leans over for a better view

62. Young child feeding possums in the park at night. Child straining to reach up as poosum strains to reach down for food

63. Flag waver at the MCG. Silhoette of a flag waver at the footy up in the stands at the MCG

64. Couple on jetty. Couple walking out on jetty in the early dawn

65. Dairy cattle around the dam. Dairy cattle gathering around the dam on a lush green Gippsland property

66. Forets fern gully. Lush green treeferns as the understorey of a cool temperate forest

67. Footy. AFL footy with a mark being taken in the goal square

68. Puffing Billy.. Puffing Billy crossing the highway on the old trestle bridge near Selby

69. neon signs. Cafe neon signs.

70. Misty beachscape. Sea mist rolling in over Otway Ranges. southern Victoria, Australia

71. Family in canoe.. family seen rowing their bright red canoe which is glowing in the sun

72. Gippsland hills. Rolling green hills of Gippsland

73. Red heath flowers.. Line of brilliant red heath flowers shining jewels in the bush

74. Bananas and oranges at the market.. Looking along the front fruit stall of the market with the late afternoon sun bringing out the brilliant colours

75. Chinese dragon head.. Close view of the head of the chinese dragon at Moomba

76. Gorilla at rest.. close view of a gorilla at the zoo laying back in an exaggerated pose of relaxation

77. The light beyond. Bright greenery seen fron dark pine forest

78. Moomba. Chinese dragon travelling through the city streets

79. Mountain Ash. Tall straight mountain ash lining the highway through Victoria's black spur range

80. Life with the birds. Man seated on park bench feeding gulls, one of which is perched on his head

81. Figure in misty forest. Lone figure amid the tall pine forest trunks shrouded in mist

82. Bushwalking. Family of bushwalkers resting on large rock

83. Road through wattle country. Country road lush with silver wattles in bloom

84. Suburban comfort. Comfortable suburban housing snuggling into the hillsde with surrounding trees

85. Footy crowd. Packed footy crowd at the MCG

86. Crowded beach. Densely packed beach at Lorne

87. Wedding Couple. Happy wedding couple kicking up their heels in church

88. The Vic Market. Customers buying fruit at the vic Market with stallholder reaching out for money

89. Class with a glass. Two incredibly snobby women with their glasses of orange juice and their spring fashion hats and dresses

90. Riding on a suburban track. Girl riding her bike along a lush and sunny suburban bike track

91. Mum and tot at the beach. Back view of Mum and tiny tot at the beach in their hats , seated on a large rock watching the world go by

92. Union rally speaker. Highly animated speaker at union rally

93. City skyline. Smoggy city skyline seen from suburbia

94. Kids crashing on snow sled. close-up of kids crashing snow sled

95. Lone batsman walking off. Lone West Indian batsman walking off MCG

96. Bathing boxes. View of bathing boxes with the city in the background

97. Arts Centre Spire. Night view of spire and memorial statue

98. Melbourne from the air. Tennis centre are seen from above

99. Cook's Cottage. Cook's Cottage in the Fitzroy gardens

100. Colourful bathing boxes. Wedding couple fooling around in front of colourful bathing boxes

101. Royal Exhibition Building.

102. Mystical pines. Lichen-covered limbs if pines in a plantation near Macedon backlit and glowing

103. Coast road. Winding coast road near Lorne

104. Gog and Maygog. Mythical figures guard an archway in Royal Arcade Melbourne

105. Exhibition fountain. Evening sun lights up the fountain at the Exhibition Building Melbourne.

106. Foggy forest. Figures in a foggy pine forest on Mount Macedon

107. Koala. Koala at the Melbourne Zoo

108. Independant church tower. Joseph Reed's church tower of the 1880's against the backdrop of modern glass

109. Moss covered rocks. luminous green lichen covered rocks along the Great Ocean Road

110. Luna Park entrance. Vertical format view of Luna Park entrance

111. Luna Park.

112. Meadmore sculpture. Clement Meadmore sculpture in the forecourt of the AMP building Melbourne

113. Market fruit stall. Victoria market fruit stall

114. Luna Park in Melbourne. Luna Park beckons

115. Red capped Robin. Redcapped robin found in the bush around Melbourne

116. Stilt man. Giant stilt man in the Melbourne Moomba parade

117. Moomba parade. Flamboyant character rides in the Moomba parade

118. Trams. Melbourne trams en masse

119. Cast iron decoration. Cast iron decoration on terrace houses at night

120. Ricket's sanctuary. Sculptural images of aboriginal figures typical of those at the ever popular William Ricket's Sanctuary

121. Yellow Peril. The Vault or as it is popularly known The Yellow Peril.Erected in Melbourne City Square in May 1980, Vault is the most controversial sculpture in Australian history.

122. Strolling in the bush. Woman and her dog stroll in the bush along the southern coast

123. Essendon Grammar. One of Melboure's private schools in a typically grand old building

124. Arts Centre Spire St. Kilda Rd. Arts Centre spire on a bright sunny day

125. Architecture old and new. Melbourne past and present as seen through it's architecture

126. Shelford. Another of Melbourne's private schools set in a grand location

127. Ripponleigh. One of Melbourne's granded old homes

128. Grand architecture. Typical of the wide range of 1880's architecture in Melbourne

129. The Vault. Melbourne's much travelled public sculpture better known as the Yellow Peril.Erected in Melbourne City Square in May 1980, Vault is the most controversial sculpture in Australian history.

130. The Shrine of Rememberance. Melbourne's war memorial The Shrine of Rememberance, completed in 1934 in remembrance of the 114,000 men and women of Victoria who served and those who died in the Great War of 1914-1918 - 89,100 of them served overseas and 19,000 did not return.