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Dying warrior
Jagged cross
Boy painting
Broken home
Legal regalia
Red roses
Wattle bloom
Palm Sunday
Farmyard tap
Candlelit kids
Union Jack


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Caption List:

1. Dying warrior. Mythical god warrior lies dying, naked and alone, beneath a mournful sky

2. White road arrows. Study in white

3. Choice of direction. high angle view of car speeding along highway with white arrows showing a choice of three different directions

4. Choice of direction D. High angle view of man seated on giant rubix cube surrounded by arrows giving him a choice of directions in his life

5. Road signs with bullet holes. Road signs on a country highway with the obligatory bullet holes

6. Heroic street portrait posters in China. Typical communist imagery of huge street portrait signs reminding the public of who made it all possible

7. Tattered Poster.. Brilliantly coloured layers of tattered posters

8. Rainbow. Close detailed view of a rainbow against a purple sky

9. Sandworm trails vertical view. Sandworm trails left behind on the sand

10. Old aboriginal man being interviewed. Old aboriginal man being interviewed by two journalists high up in the rocks in the NT

11. Three ages of Melbourne. City view showing varying shapes indicating varying architectural styles through the city's history

12. Red paint in gutter.. A splash of environmental colour

13. St. Andrews Cross Spider. St Andrew's Cross Spider on distinctive web design

14. Jagged cross. Broken factory window creating a jagged cross against the sky

15. Tattered poster. Tattered billboard showing a cross section of popular entertainment from the past

16. Blood in the streets.

17. Power begets violence. Blurred out dominating figure with broken spectacles sharply in focus in the foreground

18. Chinese dragon head.. Close view of the head of the chinese dragon at Moomba

19. Map of Australia. Map of Australia made up of the flags of some of the nations which own or influence us

20. Washing on the line. An abstract pattern of shadows of pegged clothing seen through the sheets on the hoist

21. Boy painting. Young teenager painting a large canvas on table with brush and palette in view

22. Aboriginal girl having her face painted. Aboriginal woman painting the face of a young girl prior to a corroboree

23. plant growing through footpath. Backlit plant growing valiantly through a cobble-stoned roadway

24. Spilled bird's nest. Fallen bird's nest with broken egg

25. Beach rocks with gaudy lichen. Bright orange coating of lichen on sea rocks with a dramatic central cross theme

26. Workers tools lying on a fence post. Fencers tools seen in close-up with the worker and his ute blurred out in the background

27. Candle burning out. Candle in silver candlestick almost burnt out, leaving a gnarled sculpture of wax

28. Mornington peninsular pier. Couple strolling out onto the pier in the glow of evening

29. Giant sunflower. close view of a giant yellow sunflower against a blue sky

30. Dandelion seed head. Close view of a dandelion seedhead ripe for o'clocking

31. Geranium shouting hi there!. Geranium plant appearing to be shouting excitedly at us from a hole in the fence

32. Face in the drain. Cobwebs and ooze form together to look like a forlorn face

33. Bush telegraph. Rocks stacked on roadside post as a sign to the initiated of some event or situation, yhe irony being that the post itself is a sign

34. Speak up I'm deaf as a post. Quirky image of an electric power pole looking like Mrs McKillacuddy chatting on the phone

35. Inspirational speaker. Speaker performs on stage as his image is projected on a screen behind him

36. Broken home. Fallen bird's nest with the evidence of disaster clearly seen

37. Farmer. Rough, gnarled hand of old farmer on fence post

38. Legal regalia. Legal items including wig,books, watch

39. The red and the black. close view of red back spider clearly showing the telltale red back

40. Red roses. Close view of a bunch of red roses with dew on them

41. Dice. Red dice showing six on green background

42. windmill. lone windmill stands out as a symbol of outback farming as the sun fades from the sky

43. Four Leaved Clover. Close view of a hand holding a four leaf clover

44. Gold scorpion with rubies and sapphires. precious jewellery in the form of a highly decorative scorpion dramaticall presented on black

45. Jewellery still life. Orange pendant displayed on yellow capsicum

46. Three rings on slate. Three white gold rings with a variety of stones all on wet slate

47. Wattle bloom. Extreme close up of wattle blooms

48. Easter Grey Kangaroo with Joey. Female Eastern Grey Kangaroo with joey in the pouch.

49. Raven. Shiny black raven sitting on the fence

50. Palm Sunday. Group parading through country town with banners,palms and donkey. Re-enactment of Christ's entry into Jerusalem.

51. Chest of medals. Close view of old serviceman's medals worn proudly on his chest

52. Farmyard tap. Cobwebs on old tap on tankstand

53. Keys spewing from bottle. Display shot of keys en masse spewing from a bottle

54. Grandma's birthday. Gran and the grandchildren celebrating by lighting the candles on the cake

55. Girl in candle light. Close view of girl peering at candle flame in the darkness

56. Girl in candle light. Close view of girl peering at candle flame in the darkness

57. Candlelit kids. Group of children gathered around their candles at carol's night

58. Gateway to the world. Sandy Outback location showing an open gate leading out to....who knows where?

59. Union Jack. Union Jack bristles in the breeze