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A folio showcasing a variety of subjects, from images of children and families through to natural history and urban/rural locations. Most images are candid real life situations while others are metaphors. We are happy to email a small selection of similar images, at no cost, to suit your current needs. Don't forget to talk to us about: DISCOUNTS FOR BULK PURCHASES : PHOTOGRAPHY COMMISSIONS : GRAPHIC DESIGN : PHOTOSHOP EXPERTISE

Beach fun
Dramatic plea
Fun in the snow
Go - carts
Olde world
Hi Mum
Washing dishes
Baby snail
Seal cub
Candlelit kids
Frog underwater
Shaking hands
Farmyard tap
Family group
Family at play
Horse and foal
Legal regalia
Seafood platter

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1. Outback cricketers. Cricketers batting on into the twilight under the looming image of the old windmill

2. Girl helping youngster on waterslide. Girl supports younger boy as they whiz down the waterslide

3. Beach fun. Skimming along the shallows

4. Dramatic plea. Character on stage pleads his case in a dramatic scene

5. Water skiier in action. Water skiier makes a dramtic turn as a huge spray of water rises into the air

6. Taking refreshment in the river. At midday in the Northern Territory, there's only one place to be and that's in the river.

7. Giraffe making house calls. Nosey giraffe pops in to check out the bus travellers

8. Family at beach at sunset. Silhouetted family watch the sun go down after a day at the beach

9. Mending the windmill. Farmer mends the windmill as his kids give their support

10. Dog peering under gate. Dog peering longingly under gate

11. Fun in the snow. Fun in the snow as the sled crashes and the landing is thankfully soft

12. Boy peering through magnifying glass. Close up of boy looking through magnifying glass at the camera

13. Three teenage workers. Butcher, mechanic and jockey sit for a group portrait

14. Wet night street with light traffic. Lone car travels the wet dark gloomy roadway home

15. Back alley at night. Dark wet poorly lit back alley looking about as uninviying as a place could be

16. Rainbow across the paddocks. Rainbow stark against a stormy sky as the landscape struggles toward spring

17. Lie detector test. Man rigged up to take a lie detector test

18. Hands in repose. Young schoolgirl's hands completely relaxed as she sits on the pavement

19. Bella Donna lillies emerging after forest fire. Regeneration after a bushfire in the form of chirpy pink lillies

20. Mountain Ash low angle view. Low angle view in a mountain ash forest

21. Go - carts. Go Cart race

22. Kids somersaulting in shallows.. Two kids somersaulting in the shallows at the beach

23. Girl washing her dog. young girl soaping up her dog in a small bath on the front lawn

24. Water skiing of a sort. Family members join forces to provide a youngster with a water skiing experience

25. Olde world. Close up view of old coins and pocket watch

26. Hi Mum. Group of girls waving to us from the surf

27. Washing dishes. Young couple washing dishes

28. Fossilized trilobites. close view of fossilized trilobites

29. Baby snail. Very small baby snail on tip of human finger

30. Seal cub. Seal cub nuzzling up to its mother on the sand

31. Candlelit kids. Group of children gathered around their candles at carol's night

32. Frog underwater. Frog underwater swimming toward us

33. Couple shining torch. Mother and young child showing fear as they shine their torch in the dark

34. Shaking hands. Baboons in ajoining cages reaching out to each other

35. Power begets violence. Blurred out dominating figure with broken spectacles sharply in focus in the foreground

36. Farmyard tap. Cobwebs on old tap on tankstand

37. The jeans generation. Queue of waiting teenagers showing their lower half emphasising the proliferation of blue denim

38. Children playing silhouette. Silhouette of a group of children playing together

39. Pensive boy reflecting. Pensive boy reflecting in pond in the sunshine

40. Mum reading to boys. Young mother reading to boys who are engrossed in the book

41. Family group. Mum and two kids one of whom is up her jumper

42. Family at play. Family at home playing at stacking cards

43. Farmhand feeding geese. Asian farmhand feeding geese whilst goat looks on

44. Horse and foal. Horse and foal in lush paddock beautifully lit by low sun with birds flting through rainbowed sky

45. Legal regalia. Legal items including wig,books, watch

46. Carbohydrate foods. Many examples of carbohydrate foods in the one image

47. Ballet dancers pas de deux. Ballet dancers performing a pas de deux on stage with a stormy sky background

48. Female mechanic at work. Young female mechanic and offsider working on car in service station

49. Boys on beach with raft. Three boys at the beach prepare their raft under the old swing bridge

50. Aboriginal children frollicking in the river. Aboriginal kids having a ball in the local river

51. Aboriginal girl having her face painted. Aboriginal woman painting the face of a young girl prior to a corroboree

52. Aboriginal baby in bark kulum. Tiny aboriginal baby sleeping on mother's knee cradled in a basket or kulum made from the bark of a local tree

53. plant growing through footpath. Backlit plant growing valiantly through a cobble-stoned roadway

54. Teenager with king parrot. Teenager holding a king parrot on his arm

55. Choice of direction C. Low angle view of raised highway with road sign indicating various routes to one's destiny

56. Boys at rockpool. Boys with their rockpool discovery

57. Family at the beach. Dad and toddlers facing the waves

58. Pensive young girl. Pensive young girl in glasses

59. Melbourne Docklands. Melbourne docklands seen under a swirling blue sky

60. Boy directing police. Night scene of police in the docks area being directed by local boy

61. Seafood platter. Sumptuous seafood platter with champagne on restaurant table

62. Chopsticks holding single rice grain. Hand holding chopsticks and picking out a single grain of rice

63. Suburban comfort. Comfortable suburban housing snuggling into the hillsde with surrounding trees

64. Slums and highrise flats. Inner suburbia with slums in the foreground and highrise flats forming the background

65. Suburban view thru curtains.. A view of inner suburbia comprising of single houses and high rise flats seen through the curtains

66. Aerial view of farmhouse. Aerial view of Queensland property showing the house surrounded by cultivated fields

67. Aerial view of suburbia. Aerial view of suburban houses showing their grid layout and repetition

68. Remote farmhouse. Remote farmhouse with the obligatory windmill

69. Federation house. Weatherboard Federation house in Tasmania

70. Serving the oldies. The elderly citizens enjoy the service of a couple of young volunteers

71. Old soldier at Anzac day parade. Old digger in full rig sits in a chair awaiting the parade

72. Chest of medals. Close view of old serviceman's medals worn proudly on his chest

73. Old couple in hospital . close up of old hands as an old couple cope with a stay in hospital

74. Family playing monopoly. Family taking their game of monoploy with the seriousness it deserves