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The whole world is experiencing rapid climate change. Since the 1950s the average Australian temperatures risen by about 1C This has resulted in more frequent heatwaves and a decrease in the numbers of frosts and cold days. Ver the last 50 years rainfall in the northwest of the continent has increased while much of eastern Australia and the far southwest have experienced a decline. Storms, dust clouds,floods, droughts are becoming commonplace.

Farmyard tap
Crowded beach
Frog underwater
Burning off
Backyard chores
Eroded hillside
Lone chimney
Country gate
Dead cow
In the dry
Rubbish pile
Rocker switch
Dead cow


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1. Brutally hot desert. The sun blazes through the smokey haze of a harsh desert environment

2. Pollution. Smokey chimneys belching smoke into an already heavy atmosphere

3. Smoking chimneys. Smoke belching into the sky

4. Farmyard tap. Cobwebs on old tap on tankstand

5. Billowing cumulus clouds. Billowing cumulus clouds with a threat of a storm

6. City worm's eye view. Worm's eye view of city concrete tower buildings

7. Crowded beach. Densely packed beach at Lorne

8. Leaf floating in sudsy water.. Fabulous pattern of a sudsy stream as it swirls around a floating leaf

9. City at night with rainbow. Bright sky over city at night with the added attraction of a rainbow

10. Roof solar panel. Roof solar panel on suburban roof

11. Water-retaining frog. A rare sight of a water-retaining frog as it emerges from its burial to enjoy a short cool and wet spell

12. Polluted pool. Polluted pool with algae, slime and rubbish

13. Art class in primary school. Junior art class in primary school with the class all working on the environmental issue of saving whales

14. Grass regeneration after fire. Grass regeneration after bushfire

15. Frog underwater. Frog underwater swimming toward us

16. Old rusted petrol bowser. An ancient petrol bowser brilliant in its rust

17. Pile of old train wheels. Sculptural mass of old rusted train wheels

18. Dust clouds over Melbourne. Sky filled by immense dust storm as it blots out the background of city buildings

19. Riverbank erosion.. Trees high on a river bank with their roots dangling out in space as a result of extreme erosion

20. Burning off. Hot shimmer of burning stubble

21. Peak afternoon traffic. Bumber to bumper traffic heading home in the late afternoon sunshine

22. Sheep in dry country. Vertical image of sheep on hillside during a drought

23. Sheep in dry creekbed. Forlorn sheep standing 'waiting for Godot' as the drought worsens.

24. Sheep in drought. Forlorn sheep wandering through the dusty landscape amid a bad drought

25. Fire at chemical plant. Black billowing smoke and fire at depotwith people watching

26. Backyard chores. Young girl raking up garden waste beside smoldering fire

27. Eroded hillside. Water course eroding an ugly gash on the side of the hill

28. Truckload of squashed cars. Squashed cars heading of to be recycled as scrap metal

29. Cargo ship unloading cars. Vehicles driving off a large cargo ship specially designed for carrying vehicular cargo

30. Dramatic sunset. Hot sky showing the red orange clouds of a summer sunset

31. windmill. lone windmill stands out as a symbol of outback farming as the sun fades from the sky

32. Bright cloudy sky. Crisp white billowing cumuls clouds boil below a bright blue sky

33. Tree reshooting after bushfire. new growth sprouting from gum tree after bushfire

34. Regrowth after bushfire. Regeneration of gum sapling among many blackened trunks after bushfire

35. Road through wattle country. Country road lush with silver wattles in bloom

36. Farmer. Rough, gnarled hand of old farmer on fence post

37. Echoes of the past. A broken down old wagon lies with wethered timbers from days gone by out in a dry paddock on the farm

38. Remote farmhouse. Remote farmhouse with the obligatory windmill

39. Tankstand with windmill. Australian farming icon of old rusty water tank with the ubiquitous windmill

40. Lone chimney. All that's left of an old farm house is the chimney

41. Outback cricketers. Cricketers batting on into the twilight under the looming image of the old windmill

42. Country gate. Country gate apparently out in the middle of nowhere

43. Fenceline. Long fenceline snaking across a large dry paddock

44. Irrigating a lettuce crop. Rows of lettuces in a Victorian market garden being watered

45. Sydney PO Tower in lightning storm. Sydney Post Office tower in lightning storm

46. Drying lake with cracked mud. Central Victorian lake in summer with little water, dead and dying trees and cracked dried mud

47. Dead cow. Dead Friesan cow at the edge of a salt lake in Victoria's Mallee.

48. Lake with dead trees. The remains of a drowned forest

49. Silhouette branch. Bare scramble of branches in silhouette against the sky

50. In the dry. Close view of dry cracked mud at the bottom of a dried up outback pool

51. Oil refinery from the air. Oil refinery on the coast as seen from above

52. Mending the windmill. Farmer mends the windmill as his kids give their support

53. Swamp with dead trees. Dead river redgums stand in a swamp with their predessors lying around them

54. Franz Joseph Glacier. New Zealand Glacier with people showing the scale. 1970 view.

55. Rubbish pile. Pile of plastic and glass containers ready for recycling

56. Rocker switch. finger about to flick a reverse and forward rocker switch

57. Dead cow. Dead Friesan cow at the edge of a salt lake in Victoria's Mallee.

58. Clear felling ball & chain. enormous iron ball & chain used in land clearing to drag down forest trees.

59. Desert with skull in foreground.. Sandy desert fringe with a sign of what fate may have in store for anyone adventurous enough to proceed.Land that once was able to support seasonal grazing is now damaged and ready to be blown away.

60. Echoes of the past. A broken down old wagon lies with wethered timbers from days gone by out in a dry paddock on the farm

61. Dice. Red dice showing six on green background