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Food being prepared for sale, preservation and consumption. Food being consumed for necessity, growth, comfort, celebration, fun. Meat and Vegetables, fast & slow, bush tucker & exotic cakes. Banquets, restaurants, parties, picnics, camping, campfires,'sausage sizzles'. Breakfast, morning tea,lunch, dinner,snack time. Food groups.

Seafood platter
Outdoor cafe
Family picnic
Baby at breast
Family meal
Kettle on stove
Food shot
Coffee scoop


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First Published: 20141206

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Caption List:

1. Seafood platter. Sumptuous seafood platter with champagne on restaurant table

2. Girl eating hotdog. Close up view of girl eating a sausage rolled up in bread

3. Women preparing cake display. Extensive range of cakes being displayed for retail

4. Tending the cooking fire. Aboriginal man tends his cooking fire as he checks the beef on the hot ashes

5. Children salting vegetables. Young boy is watched by his female classmate as he goes to work preparing to preserve some vegetables

6. Boy with watermelon. Young boy savouring the cool sweet sensation of a mouthful of watermelon

7. A boy, his earphones and his breakfast. Perhaps the title should be 'bliss'

8. Outdoor cafe. People eating at a relaxed outdoor cafe in a park in Melbourne

9. Vietnamese gathering. Group of Vietnamese gathered round the table for a meal

10. Boy eating fairyfloss.jpg,. close view of boy tackling a huge ball of fairyfloss

11. Breakfast steaming in the morning light.jpg,. woman handing steaming cup to husband at the breakfast table backlit by the morning light through the window

12. Sausages on the camp fire. Sausages cooking on the open fire

13. Camp breakfast. Two young children hogging into their breakfast on a cold morning at the camping ground

14. Child eating icecream. Child luxuriating in icecream cone whilst checking out the world around her

15. Couple in restaurant. Happy couple in restaurant in daylight

16. Woman making cuppas. Exterior shot of woman with toast in mouth making 7 cups of tea for the brood

17. Lunchbreak. Father and young son taking a break form their work building a mud-brick house

18. Children cutting birthday cake. Young boy helping his sister to cut her birthday cake

19. Family picnic. Large family group at picnic table

20. Baby at breast. Close view of baby suckling at mother's breast

21. Family meal. Family with three young children eating quietly at table

22. Luncheon on the grass. Family unit tucking in to their picnic

23. Pass the pasta please. Young boy eating spaghetti by the gravity method - dangling from above

24. Kettle on stove. old blakened kettle on old wood stove

25. Preparing meals for the masses. Inside a large kitchen a chef lays out dozens of plates of food

26. Food: carbohydrates. Display of foods in the carbohydrate group.

27. Children preserving food stuffs. Young boy carefully measures the ingredients of his preserving mixture

28. Platter of vegetarian food. Platter of vegetables and dip

29. Food shot. Display shot of various kinds of biscuits

30. Mother & daughter setting meal on table. Mother and young daughter setting food on table for a rather grand meal

31. Family dining out. Father cuts up his son's food on their night out at the restaurant

32. Boy at microwave. Teenage boy's favourite pastime of preparing food

33. Children with table loaded with shopping. Three children excitedly going through the recently purchased food now spread out on the table

34. Child with mixing bowl. Child mixing food in a bowl

35. Woman eating spaghetti. Close up view of woman eating spaghetti

36. Still life of wine with nibbles. Sophisticated snack consisting of liqueur with biscuits and cheese in a nice warm glow

37. Girl with bubbly soft drink. Young girl drinking from a sunlit bottle of soft drink

38. Icecream cone in hand. Icecream cone in hand against a colourful background

39. Boy eating sandwich of hundreds and thousands. Close up view of boy eating sandwich of hundreds and thousands

40. Boy eating sandwich. Close up view of boy eating sandwich

41. Wine glass still life. A range of various crystal glasses with different coloured beverages

42. Coffee scoop. hand holding a conical coffee scoop

43. Girl eating spaghetti. Young girl enthusiastically eating a large serving of spaghetti

44. Couple at outdoor cafe. Harrison Ford and friend snack at an outdoor cafe in Melbourne

45. Mum feeding bub. Mum bottle feeds baby whilst they enjoy each other's company

46. Outdoor cafe patrons. Aerial view of cafe patrons