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More than a post card.....this selection of images depends on unusual angles, light, locations, combinations of old and new to present a point of view or bias. Each image begins to tell a story.....

City skyline
Bathing boxes
Light show


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Caption List:

1. Melbourne Docklands. Melbourne docklands seen under a swirling blue sky

2. Victorian Arts Centre spire. Melbourne Arts Centre Spire amid relections

3. Melbourne Art centre. Night view of the Melbourne Arts Centre

4. City worm's eye view. Worm's eye view of city concrete tower buildings

5. City skyline. Smoggy city skyline seen from suburbia

6. Three ages of Melbourne. City view showing varying shapes indicating varying architectural styles through the city's history

7. Wobbly image of city. City seen through the glass of an old window distorting the image into a wobbly pattern

8. Foggy Yarra scene. Cyclist rides alongside a misty Yarra as the city looms from the clouds

9. Melbourne skyline hazy. Melbourne towers in the haze reflected in the Yarra in early morning

10. Dingy back alley.. Looking down a long narrow alley lined with all sorts of service pipes and rubbish bins

11. Empty freeway. Melbourne's eastern freeway in non peak times

12. Bathing boxes. View of bathing boxes with the city in the background

13. Sydney Opera House & Bridge at night. Night view of the two Sydney icons

14. Flinders Street Station at night. Festival lights show up the station to its romantic best

15. Fireworks over the Yarra. Melbourne at night with the art centre glowing

16. Old and new bridges in Melbourne. An old crumbling wreck of a wooden bridge in the foreground makes a stark contrast to the Westgate Bridge behind it

17. Shell building Melbourne. Worms eye view of the Melbourne Shell Building

18. Slums and highrise flats. Inner suburbia with slums in the foreground and highrise flats forming the background

19. Melbourne trams seen through leaves. A couple of trams amid the traffic of a Melbourne street

20. Choice of direction C. Low angle view of raised highway with road sign indicating various routes to one's destiny

21. Fitzroy Gardens park in autumn. Autumnal view of the elm trees in the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne

22. Back alley at night. Dark wet poorly lit back alley looking about as uninviying as a place could be

23. Suburban street at night. Suburban street corner on a wet night

24. Light show. Night view of the Melbourne Arts Centre spire,lazer show and reflections seen across the river

25. Arts Centre Spire. Night view of spire and memorial statue

26. Independant church tower. Joseph Reed's church tower of the 1880's against the backdrop of modern glass

27. Wet Street at Night in Europe. Eerie cold and damp night scene in eastern European city

28. City light abstract. Flinders St Station and traffic at night with the camera zooming in to create a light extrviganzer

29. Red traffic light on wet city lane. Night view of the dramatic lighting effect of a red traffic light reflecting in the cobblestones of a wet city laneway