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A set of monochrome and colour images depicting the enormous range of relationships that we loosely call friendship. "Us girls", "me mates", "the gang", "the boys" imply friendships that go beyond the bonds of common age or interestS. Shared values, trust, dependence, partnership & commitment, elevate friendship to the genuine comfort zone of enduring mateship.

Aussie profile
surf's up
Family group
Six happy punks
Washing dishes


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Caption List:

1. Aussie profile. Three old diggers in profile at an Anzac day gathering - personifying determination and resolution

2. Boys at rockpool. Boys with their rockpool discovery

3. Lunchbreak. Father and young son taking a break form their work building a mud-brick house

4. Women viewing paintings. A couple of elderly women looking at what they may have been centuries before

5. Female mechanics.. Two cheeky girls in their overalls posing perkily for the camera

6. surf's up. Two surfies head off down the beach track in search of a few waves

7. A chat on the back step. Two old codgers chew the fat as they sit in a shady spot

8. Messing about on the lake. Teenage boys fishing or yabbying on the lake

9. Two girls in the pub. Two girls inthe pub with two older women in the background

10. Cuppa time at the bowling green. ladies in their bowling uniforms seated at the morning tea table with their world reflecting in their giant teapots

11. Ladies off to the Oaks. Two ladies who exude the sort of poshness one needs to operate well at the Oaks

12. Family group. Mum and two kids one of whom is up her jumper

13. Girl helping youngster on waterslide. Girl supports younger boy as they whiz down the waterslide

14. Mother chatting to teenage son in his room B. Mother kids around with son as they sit chatting in his room.

15. Six happy punks. Six happy suburban punks interrupt their schedule for a group portrait

16. Happy group of teenagers. Horizontal happy bunch of teenagers seated

17. Back street basketball. Group of teenage boys and girls playing basketball in a back street

18. Washing dishes. Young couple washing dishes

19. Group jumping in shallows. Group at the beach jumping in the sunset

20. Having fun in the water at the beach. One teenager tosses another into the air as they enjoy their summer holiday at the beach