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A day without loving, laughing or learning is a day wasted: fun enjoyment emotion joy happiness pride wonder hilarity giggling delight excitement achievemant friendship family play

Fun in the snow
Family at play
String puppets
String puppet C
String puppet A

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Caption List:

1. Classroom experiment. Three happy secondary students writing up the results of their experiment

2. Four on the floor. Happiness is having your face painted and rollicking on the floor with your friends

3. Fun in the snow. Fun in the snow as the sled crashes and the landing is thankfully soft

4. Boys at rockpool. Boys with their rockpool discovery

5. Family at play. Family at home playing at stacking cards

6. Kids on inflateable slide. Fun and frolics as the kids slide down a very colourful slope

7. Boys saltwater fishing. Silhouette of a gang of boys at the end of a days saltwater fishing

8. Deaf boy excelling at basketball. Young deaf boy leaping high above the others in the group to put through a goal

9. Girl with cerebral palsy climbing tyres in playground. Young girl with cerebral palsy looking determined whilst climbing the tyre frame in the playground

10. Girl with cerebral palsy with drum kit. Young girl with cerebral palsy putting Ringo Starr to shame with her style and technique on the drums

11. Blind boy playing deck bowls. Young blind boy having a whale of a time playing deck bowls with his brothers

12. Blind boy playing piano. Young blind boy having a whale of a time at the piano with his family

13. String puppetin suitcase with baby. Marianette puppet with young child sitting in suitcase

14. String puppets. Two Marianette puppets with one watching the other sitting in a suitcase

15. String puppet C. Marianette puppet sitting on the puppeteer's arm

16. String puppet A. Marianette puppet peeking cheekily around from behind the puppeteer's leg