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Welcome to the world of Australian Birds. Intelligent and incredibly beautiful, these are a few examples and more will be added soon. Enjoy!

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1. Rainbow Bee-eater - Merops ornatus . Known as the rainbow bird, it is widespread in open country and common to most of Australia.

2. Nutmeg Mannikin - Lonchura punctulata . Small, brown mannikin similarly seen as a caged or aviary bird.

3. Double-barred Finch - Taeniopygia bichenovii . Grass finch with owl-like facial pattern found around farmland, parks and gardens, northern and eastern Australia.

4. Red-backed Fairy-wren - Malurus melanocephalus. This breeding male of the species has varied habitat which can be open woodland and forest to swamps, spinifex and grassland.

5. Tawny Frogmouth - Podargus strigoides. Tawny Frogmouth - nocturnal, perches in a tree upright and motionless during the day resembling a broken tree branch.

6. Whistling Kite - Haliastur sphenurus. Widespread, mostly common across Australia and found mainly in open landscapes, woodland and coastal regions

7. Tawny Frogmouth dozing - Podargus strigoides . Well camouflaged nightjar-like bird, nocturnal. Inhabits forests, well treed land, suburban parks and gardens. Found Australia wide.

8. Tawny Frogmouth - Podargus strigoides . Large nightjar-like nocturnal bird which inhabits woodland, forests, suburban parks and gardens. It is found Australia-wide.

9. Royal Spoonbill - Platalea regia . Large white water bird, inhabits inland wetlands and coastal areas. Found around most of Australia except from central Western to Southern Australia.

10. Royal Spoonbill - Platalea regia . Large mostly white with distinctive feeding by sweeping beak from side to side through shallow water. Inhabits large areas of water, fresh or salt.

11. Barking Owl - Ninox connivens . Large and robust, nocturnal owl. Swift and silent hunter at night. Inhabits open forest, scrub and woodland. Also outer suburban gardens occassionally. Located Australia-wide.

12. Kookaburra (Blue winged) - Dacelo leachii . Blue-winged Kookaburra - Slightly smaller than laughing Kookaburra. The males tail is azure blue. Voice; harsh cackles and screeches.

13. Forest Kingfisher feeding young in the nest - Todiramphus macleayii . Forest Kingfisher feeding young in the nest which is an old termite nest on a tree branch.

14. Forest Kingfisher - Todiramphus macleayii . Forest Kingfisher found in open woodland and forests of north eastern Australia.

15. Galah - immature - Cacatua roseicapilla . Larger familiar cockatoo. Inhabits open treed country and grasslands, also crops. Usually located near water.

16. Mistletoe bird - female - Dicaeum hirundinaceum . Prime food source is mistletoe. Inhabits any vegetation where mistletoe is found.

17. Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo - Calyptorhynchus banksii . Mostly found inland. Male is black with red panels in the tail best seen when flying. Female (pictured) have yellow speckling and orange/yellow tail panels.

18. Sacred Kingfisher perched on a branch - Todiramphus sanctus . Distinguished by buff coloured patches on forehead. Sacred Kingfisher is located over most of Australia except the arid central areas.

19. Yellow-bellied Sunbird - female - Nectarinia jugularis . All yellow, nectar eating Sunbird, with long down-curved beak. Located north eastern coast of Queensland.

20. Yellow-bellied Sunbird - male - Nectarinia jugularis . Small nectar eater with extremely long down-curved beak. Located north eastern coastal area of Queensland.

21. White-bellied Sea-Eagle - Haliaeetus leucogaster . Very large pale eagle, glides low before dropping onto fish.