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Australian Birds of prey - Wedgetailed and Sea Eagles, various species of Kites, Osprey, Kestrel, Goshawk and Pacific Baza are featured here in their wild surroundings. This is a collection of orphan photos I have put together.

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Caption List:

1. Wedge-tailed Eagle - Aquila audax. A Wedge-tailed Eagle perched high on a tree branch, searching for prey.

2. White-bellied Sea Eagle - Haliaeetus leucogaster . Sea Eagle gliding on the wing and searching for prey.

3. Pacific Baza - Aviceda subcristata . Pacific Baza in search of prey.

4. Osprey pair on nest - Pandion haliaetus . A pair of Osprey - one on the nest (head just visible) and the other perched nearby.

5. Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) . Osprey after a successful hunt, with a fish in its talons.

6. Nankeen Kestrel - immature - Falco cenchroides . An immature (young) Nankeen Kestrel searching for prey.

7. Nankeen Kestrel - Falco cenchroides . This Nankeen Kestrel is searching for prey, perched on a fence pole.

8. Brahminy Kite & Black Kite in flight - Haliastur indus . Brahminy and Black kites in flight.

9. Black Kites on the prowl - Milvus migrans . This group of Black Kites are searching for prey.

10. Black Kite in search of prey - Milvus migrans . Black Kite keeping a watchful eye out for any movement around him.