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In the middle of June when tourists crowd on the shore of the Adriatic Sea, Zagreb belongs to the locals and those few visitors who prefer to enjoy the sites of this great city. I was free to amble around admiring the ancient churches, elegant historic buildings and parks. Visiting the Mirogoj Cemetery set at the foot of Mount Medvedica was to experience one of the most beautiful cemeteries I have ever seen.

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1. Zagreb's cathedral, Croatia. The cathedral was started in the eleventh century and later destroyed by the invading armies and the earthquake. At the end of the nineteenth century it was rebuilt in the gothic style that can be seen today.

2. The fountain of Virgin Mary, Zagreb, Croatia. This fountain is located near the cathedral on the Kapitol. The golden statues of Virgin Mary and the angels dazzle in the warm sun. In the background is the part of the fifteenth century fortifications with a tower.

3. St Mark Church, Zagreb, Croatia. This thirteenth century church occupies a central position in the main square of the Upper Town bearing the same name. The roof is ornamented with the colourful tiles and the Zagreb's coat of arms.

4. St Mark's Square, Zagreb, Croatia. The wonderful square of St Mark in the heart of the Upper Town is a place of various activities at any time of the year. This photo was taken in the middle of June. The Easter Egg, a work of the Croatian artists seems to be a permanent feature.

5. St George, Zagreb, Croatia. The equestrian statue of St George stands in the small square outside what once were the city's defence walls.

6. Tkalciceva Street, Zagreb, Croatia. The old street is full of cafes, restaurants and the small elegant boutiques. On the warm day the tables outside are occupied by tourist and locals, all enjoying excellent coffee or a meal.

7. Hotel Esplanade, Zagreb, Croatia. The rich and famous of the twentieth century frequented that hotel; the passengers of the Orient Express and the other luxury trains disembarked at the nearby station to spend a night or two to rest before continuing their journey. The list of the famous guests includes Sir Laurence Olivier, Josephine Baker, Woody Allen, Ella Fitzgerald and many others.

8. Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia. The neo-baroque building takes a centre stage of the Marshal Tito Square. The fountain (the Source of Life) before the main entry was made by the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. Since its opening in 1895, the theatre has had a rich repertoire of the national and international classics in opera and ballet.

9. Source of Life - a fountain, Zagreb, Croatia. The author of this sculpture-fountain situated before the Croatian National Theatre is Ivan Mestrovic. The tangled human figures of all ages are symbolic of the life itself. But Mestrovic allows passers-by to freely interpret his work.

10. Dolac Market, Zagreb, Croatia. This bright market is a bread basket of the city. It is possible to find here everything from the fruit, vegies and flowers to meat, fish, handicraft items and souvenirs.

11. A statue of a peasant woman, Zagreb, Croatia. Dolac Market is in a continuos use since 1930s. Located in the old city the market served women from the surrounding suburbs and villages who came there to shop. Many of them returned home on foot carrying the heavy baskets on their heads. The pictured statue commemorates all those hard working women.

12. State Archives, Zagreb, Croatia. This elegant secessional building set in the park contains a large collection of works of art - paintings, sculptures and various decorative objects. It is also used for some important business activities and other events requiring the stylish setting.

13. Meteorological Column, Zagreb, Croatia. The Column was a gift from Dr Holzer to the people of Zagreb. It has been showing the atmospheric pressure, temperature and other such data since 1884.

14. Zrinjevac, Zagreb, Croatia. The morning mists were still dissolving and there was almost no one in the park. Normally, this green square is full of people. It is only a short walking distance from the city centre and the shoppers, students and pensioners come here to rest or catch up with friends.

15. The walls of the Mirogoj Cemetery, Zagreb, Croatia. A short bus ride from the city is the cemetery where monuments, pavilions and cupolas were designed by Hermann Bolle, the German born architect who settled in Zagreb in about 1876. The ivy clad walls shelter the graves inside.

16. The arcades, Mirogoj Cemetery, Zagreb, Croatia. The arcades were completed at the beginning of the twentieth century. They contain the crypts of many prominent Croatian families.