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Thanks for checking out my stock photography catalogue. Please explore the links, enjoy the photography and if I can be of any assistance, please do contact me. All my images are available for immediate licensing for any reasonable purpose. You can use the various checkout options or just call me if you prefer.

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About Christopher C Berggren Photography

My photography subjects are urban including active transportation (mostly cycling and walking), public transport (mostly subways and other rail), architecture, landscape, and the public realm (plazas, parks, etc). My minor subjects include animals and airplanes (airlines). My vision is to create imagery that sparks or supports the effort to make our cities more sustainable and livable. I hope to do that by focusing on public infrastructure that inspires people to be more physically (and socially) active.

I have been an urban photographer since age 11 when I began with a 1940's era Polaroid camera my father gave me. I studied photography at Santa Monica College, with one of the best photography departments in the United States, but have learned mainly through my experience shooting in cities on four continents around the world.

Active transport, active living, bike infrastructure, cities, rail transport, trams, subways, trains, parks, plazas, animals, commercial airliners, geography, swimming, outdoor living, home restoration, landscape architecture, meteorology, writing, photography

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