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Advanced Photo Search

Describe your required subject matter.
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Retrieve A Photo By ID Number

If you have a GlobalEye Stock Photo ID, (Numbers Only!) just enter it below to retrieve that image and access licensing options...

Let Us Search For You!

Tell us what you need and we'll search our library and offline archives and prepare a lightbox of possible matches for you. Tell us what you need below to get started...

Find A Photographer

If you need a photographer is a specific location or with specific skills or equipment, search our global photographer directory below ...

Search Complete Photo Sets

COMING SOON! Use this option to search for complete sets of images on various subjects, themes and concepts. The form below will search our photographer's lightboxes, galleries and our collaborative photo research project packs...


Photo Research Options

Need to find images? GlobalEye Stock offers direct access to quality stock photography. Use our simple keyword search engine to find the images you need fast, then go directly to the photographer, creative-to-creative, for old-fashioned personal service.

Can't find it in the library? Use our Photo Request Service and let us do the searching for you. We'll send your photo needs to our photographers free of charge. They'll then check their offline archives and submit anything suitable to a private lightbox that we'll set up for you.

Need to find a photographer? If we haven't got what you need in the library, we can put you in touch with a local photographer, wherever you happen to need them! We have someone on the ground in 47 countries on 6 continents.

Just browsing for ideas & inspiration? We've got plenty of great browse options for you as well. Please click here to explore the photo stock library.

Search Tips

  • Simple Keyword Search

    There is no need for complicated boolean searches... just type in what you need and we'll show you the most relevant photos first.

  • Refine Your Search

    You can then add extra keywords to bring specific photos to the top of the results. Too many results for 'doctor', try 'female doctor'...

  • Stemming Is Supported

    You can expand your results by using part-words to search plurals ... 'car' will match with 'cars', but be careful, it will also match 'carpet' and 'carnivore'.

  • Do Not Use Punctuation!

    For best results avoid special characters and punctuation. The exception is double quotes, which you can use to search for an exact phrase match... ie. "red dog"

  • Photographer By Location

    Find a photographer in a specific location, just type in the name of the city or town, or for more general searches you can use the region, state or country name.

  • Photographer By Speciality

    If you need a photographer with specific skills or experience, just type in the relevant details. You can then refine your search using location keywords if required.

  • Photographer By Name

    If you're trying to locate a specific photographer, you can search for matches in the Last Name and Business Name fields.

  • Any Combination!

    Our search engine searches all relevant fields simultaneously, so you can use any combination you like to quickly find the perfect photographer for any assignment.

  • Retrieve Images By ID

    If you have the Photo ID just enter the numbers in the form... NUMBERS ONLY, NO OTHER CHARACTERS PLEASE... to be taken straight to the Photo Page.

  • No Time To Search?

    Submit a Photo Request and we'll prepare a lightbox of suitable images for you to come back and review whenever you're ready.

  • Need A Lot Of Images?

    Again, the Photo Search Request could be your best option. Just give us plenty of specific details to work with. Break it up into multiple search requests for different subjects to make it even easier.