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Howard Birnstihl

  Work Description

Over twenty years experience in shooting in a wide range of areas starting with candid socialogical studies of people in everyday life including children, teenagers, the elderly and everything in between. The natural world became a fascination and we now have a huge file of Australian flora and fauna. Commercial studio work then took hold, particularly jewellery and we have worked for most of the jewellers in Melbourne. We have half a million images on file covering this huge subject range.

  Experience & Qualifications

Trained as secondary art teacher and went on to teach photography & film-making, published 300 books and photographic sets for educational use and have run the AAN&G Photo Library for twenty years.

  Other Interests

Family, all forms of photography, art, film, theatre, sport, the bush.


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Phone: 03 9326 5314 (BH)
Phone: 03 9326 5314 (AH)
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389 Victoria St,
West Melbourne  Vic  3003